Learn how to power your AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud at NVIDIA GTC.

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Welcome to the new era where AI is driving innovation and rapidly changing what applications look like, how they’re designed and built, and how they’re delivered. Nearly every industry is undergoing a collective transformation and Microsoft is committed to helping bring your AI ambitions to production. Learn how you can power your AI transformation with the Microsoft cloud: the cloud built for the era of AI.


Join Microsoft at the NVIDIA GTC conference March 18 – 21, in-person at the San Jose Convention center and virtually. With over 900 inspiring sessions, 200+ exhibits, 20+ technical workshops, and tons of unique networking events, GTC offers attendees the opportunity to connect with a dream team of industry luminaries, developers, researchers, and business strategists helping shape what’s next in AI and accelerated computing.


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Learn how you can power your AI innovations with cutting-edge AI services and supercomputing infrastructure from Microsoft.
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Featured sessions

Power your AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud [S63275]

March 19 | 10:00 – 10:25 AM PT

Nidhi Chappell, General Manager, AI HPC infrastructure, Microsoft Azure

As new AI technology grabs headlines and captures imaginations for businesses and consumers alike, organizations have a unique opportunity to harness the power of AI to drive value faster in their own businesses. Learn how you can power your AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud.


Behind the Scenes with Azure AI infrastructure [S63276]

March 19 | 10:30 – 10:55 AM PT

Madhavi Tadepalli, General Manager, Hardware Engineering, Microsoft Azure | Matt Vegas, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft Azure

Explore in depth the AI infrastructure that powers the most sophisticated AI models such as GPT. Uncover how Azure builds its AI Infrastructure with NVIDIA GPUs and networking technologies, and advanced datacenter development from silicon to systems to VMs.


Deep Dive into Training and Inferencing with Large Language Models on Azure [S63273]

March 20 | 3:00 – 3:25 PM PT

Hugo Affaticati, Technical Program Manager, Microsoft Azure | Kushal Datta, Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft Azure

Deep dive into training and inferencing with Large Language Models (LLMs) using Azure's cutting-edge infrastructure with NVIDIA H100 SXM Tensor Core GPUs and H100 NVL 94GB PCIe Tensor Core GPUs. Discover optimized performance and scaling for LLMs, like GPT-3 and T5 using the JAX framework.


Unlocking Generative AI in the Enterprise with NVIDIA on Azure [S63277]

March 20 | 3:30 – 3:55 PM PT

Robin Wood, Director Partner Development, Microsoft Azure

Learn how Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA provide an end-to-end platform for building and deploying generative AI applications, including pre-trained models, workflow tools and immediate access to multi-node GPU infrastructure accelerating the delivery of industrial-grade generative AI applications.


The Next Level of GenAI with Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot [S63274]

55-min on-demand

Andy Beatman, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Discover the power of Generative AI, LLMs and Copilots in action with Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service. Explore cutting-edge multi-modal models, including GPT-4 Visual, Text-to-Speech avatars and Azure AI Content Safety. Discover AI voices for gaming and the newest features in Azure AI Studio.


Talks and panel sessions

S61190 The Small Models Revolution

S62777  The Role of Generative AI in Modern Medicine

S61664  PIT: Optimizing Dynamic Sparse Deep Learning Models via Permutation Invariant Transformation

S61936  A Deep Dive into Sustainable Cloud Computing

S62336  ONNX Runtime: Accelerated AI Deployment for PC Apps

S62730  Generative AI Adoption and Operational Challenges in Government

S62783  Digitalizing the World's Largest Industries with OpenUSD and Generative AI

S62504  Optimizing Your AI Strategy to Develop and Deploy Novel Deep Learning Models in the Cloud for Medical Image Analysis

S62447  Best Practices in Networking for AI: Perspectives from Cloud Service Providers



Come visit us at booth #1108 where we’ll showcase the latest in AI services and supercomputing infrastructure.

  • Live discussion sessions (in-booth theater)
  • Connect with Microsoft AI experts
  • Demo pods
  • Hands-on hardware bar

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Can’t attend in person? Visit our virtual booth, live on March 18th.



Microsoft will be hosting a welcome reception and a private executive luncheon with NVIDIA. More information to come. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to your Microsoft representative. 



Microsoft is proud to host NVIDIA Hands-On Training at GTC. Attend full-day, hands-on, instructor-led workshops or two-hour free training labs to get up to speed on the latest technology and breakthroughs. These sessions enable and empower you to leverage NVIDIA GPUs on the Microsoft Azure platform to solve the world’s most interesting and relevant problems. Register for NVIDIA Hands-on Training today.


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