Access to multiple benchmarks is now live in Viva Glint

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We are excited to announce the launch of multiple benchmarks access in the Viva Glint platform, one of our many exciting product enhancements slated for this year. Customers can now select and enable additional external comparisons in the platform for managers to toggle between when reviewing their results.  Access to multiple benchmarks has been among the most-requested enhancements by our customers, and we’re thrilled to start 2024 by introducing this feature.  


One of the most exciting benefits of this feature is the flexibility that this will provide to managers and administrators when reviewing results.  Organizations previously had to select just one external benchmark to display in the platform, but they can now choose from our full suite of benchmark comparisons to tailor the reporting experience for their company.   


For example, a multinational company using Glint’s global benchmark may decide to add access to the Japan benchmark so that their office in Tokyo can compare their results to a local comparison rather than global.  Or, a company may choose to add access to one of Glint’s high-performing benchmarks so their executive leadership team can compare their results to a more aggressive benchmark.   


In the past, additional comparisons could only be generated manually and offline; with this new functionality, administrators have the power to provide multiple benchmark comparisons to all managers with just a couple of clicks.  Being able to access these comparisons directly in the platform helps managers take the next step in really understanding and owning their results.  


The process of deciding which benchmark(s) to enable will not be that different than when companies could only choose one; we still recommend considering things like where the organization competes for talent, where large employee populations exist, or how aggressive you want the comparison to be.  Administrators will still choose one primary, or default, benchmark that all managers will see when they log in, but now managers will be able to toggle to other external comparisons that have been enabled so they can see how their results stack up to these alternative benchmarks. 


And though this new feature adds significant analytics power for managers, we all know that with great power comes great responsibility.  It may be tempting to add dozens of benchmarks to give managers a wide variety of benchmarks to choose from, but it may be overwhelming and confusing for less-experienced managers who need a more curated experience. In general, we recommend choosing no more than the three most relevant external benchmarks to provide a good balance of flexibility with reasonable guardrails.   


Also, think about the timing of when you choose to add additional benchmarks; you might consider launching multiple benchmarks availability with the rollout of your next survey cycle as you’re training (or refreshing) your managers on how to use the platform and interpret their results. 


So how do you get started?  This feature is available to our Viva Glint users starting on February 10, 2024 (and this is already available to our LinkedIn Glint customers). Your Viva Glint administrator will choose any new benchmarks to add, and they will then be immediately available to all managers. To enable this in your own platform, please click here for further instructions. For additional questions, please comment below or reach out to your Glint support team member.  

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