Final Reminder: Outlook REST API v2.0 and beta endpoints decommissioning

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As we work to ensure better security, reliability, and performance for our customers, and as we announced in our previous blog post in September 2023, we are decommissioning the Outlook REST v2.0 and beta endpoints starting March 31, 2024. After this date, we will start progressively shutting off the endpoints until they become completely unavailable. 

This means that any application that is still using these endpoints will stop working at some point after March 31, 2024 (except for Outlook Add-Ins as also communicated before). We strongly recommend that you migrate your applications to the Microsoft Graph API as soon as possible to avoid any disruption. Please refer to  for guidance.

We continue to track the use of these endpoints and will inform the affected tenants through a Message Center post before we fully disable the endpoints. However, we urge you to migrate your applications as soon as possible.

The Microsoft 365 Team

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