Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge Pitch Winner: Watch Out

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The Microsoft Learn AI Cloud Skills Challenge held in July wrapped up an incredible learning journey with the AI pitch Challenge; a showcase of innovation where passionate learners brought their visions to life through the power of AI. These creators shared how they would harness Microsoft's AI technology to craft solutions for the future in a 3-minute video pitch. Out of many, five outstanding winners emerged, each with a unique and compelling vision.


This series of blog posts spotlights each creator sharing the transformative potential of their ideas.


Hello! I'm Ahmet Dedeler, a 16-year-old high school junior from Turkey, and I'm eager to share with you not just my latest project, "Watch Out," but also my journey in the tech world. My adventure began with a simple curiosity about coding. Python and JavaScript were my initial gateways, but they quickly became much more than just programming languages. They were the tools that helped me understand the power of technology in solving real-world issues.


From Hackathons to Hosting One

My enthusiasm for coding swiftly led me to the world of hackathons. These weren't just competitions; they were platforms where I could test my skills, innovate, and learn from peers. Winning a bunch of hackathons was a thrilling experience, each victory not just an achievement but a stepping stone to something greater.


This journey through numerous hackathons sparked an idea – why not host my own? Thus, "Boost Hacks" was born. It was a leap from participant to organizer, from learner to leader. The event was a massive success, with 800 participants, 85 innovative projects, and a staggering $180,000 in prizes. This wasn't just about organizing an event; it was about creating a space for like-minded individuals to collaborate, innovate, and push the boundaries of technology.

Unveiling "Watch Out": A Vision for Safer Communities

"Watch Out" is born from a desire to enhance community safety through the power of AI. It's an AI-driven system that uses Computer Vision to detect and alert people about potential safety hazards in their surroundings – from fallen trees to damaged sidewalks.


How "Watch Out" Works

The system operates by analyzing live street footage, continuously scanning for anomalies or potential dangers. When it detects a hazard, it immediately notifies local authorities and emergency services, ensuring quick action and a safer environment for everyone.


The Inspiration Behind the Project

The idea for "Watch Out" came from observing everyday community challenges. I wanted to create a solution that not only leverages technology but also actively involves the community in promoting safety.


The Tech Behind the Vision

Developing "Watch Out" involved several Microsoft AI technologies. The core of the project is Microsoft's Custom Vision, a tool that enabled me to train an AI model to recognize various safety hazards with high precision.


Favorite Microsoft AI Technology

Among all the technologies I explored, Microsoft's Custom Vision stood out. Its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities made it not just a tool for development, but a learning experience that was both challenging and rewarding.


Looking Ahead: My Future Vision and Aspirations

Looking towards the future, my goal is to blend my coding skills with my enthusiasm for meaningful projects. "Watch Out" is a stepping stone into a world where technology serves humanity. I am excited about refining this project and exploring new technological frontiers. My aspiration is to create solutions that leave a lasting, positive impact on society.


Join me in this journey of innovation and discovery, where we're not just coding for the sake of technology, but for building a smarter, safer, and more connected world. My story is one of a young mind's passion for technology and a heart for community service, and I believe this is just the beginning.


Feeling inspired? The Microsoft Learn AI Skills Challenge may have ended but the learning never stops! Get started with an AI Learning Path and find a new Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge to join. Transform your innovative ideas into reality with Azure credits through the Founders Hub. And for the students who dream of making an impact, the Imagine Cup is currently underway!

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