Microsoft Fabric AI Hack Workshop: Build a Custom Object Detection Model | Feb 20, 2024

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Date: February 20th, 2024
Live Event Time: 17:00 UTC | 22:30 IST | 12:00 EST

Build, innovate, and #HackTogether!




The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack is an opportunity for you to explore and experiment with Microsoft Fabric. You will receive mentorship from experts and access to the latest tech to build AI solutions with Microsoft Fabric! You can create anything you want with this platform… and you can also submit your hack for a chance to win valuable prizes!


How you can participate

There are various ways you can participate in the conference:
  1. Register for the global hack for a chance to win incredible prizes:
  2. Interact with other hackers and create your projects in a team or you can also fly solo.
  3. Attend the live workshops including Building a Custom Object Detection Model on Microsoft Fabric with Snapshot Serengeti Dataset
  4. Submit your project when ready!


Building a Custom Object Detection Model with Microsoft Fabric

Have you ever wondered how to make sense of large-scale and complex data sets? In the world of wildlife research, scientists face the challenge of analyzing millions of images captured by camera traps to study the diversity of wildlife in different ecosystems. But how do they handle such vast amounts of data and extract meaningful insights?
In this workshop we will dive into the world of Microsoft Fabric and show you:
  • How you can load in your data using Data Factory Pipelines
  • How you can use SQL queries to explore and analyze the data
  • How you can use Apache Spark to process your data
  • How you can analyze and train your data using Notebooks
  • How you can leverage on mlflow to track your experiments and models
The workshop will take you through the entire process of building an end-to-end data engineering, analytics data science solution.

What are you waiting for?



Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity
to learn something new! Join us for our session and get hands-on with Microsoft Fabric.

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