Get ready for take off with Microsoft at SQLBits 2024

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Microsoft is all set to soar high as the headline sponsor of SQLBits in Farnborough, UK from March 19-23. With their engines revved up, Microsoft is ready to take off and deliver 2 full-day workshops, 40+ sessions, a keynote, a booth, and much more at the event. 

Join keynote speaker, Asad Khan, General Manager of SQL, along with other SQL experts, as they take you on a journey through the latest from SQL Server, Azure SQL, Microsoft Fabric, and more.  And don't miss the opportunity to dive into The Cloud Workshop for the SQL Professional led by Bob Ward, geared towards SQL Server users migrating to Azure SQL, and the From Beginner to Certified: A Fabric Analytics Engineer Workshop led by Bradley Ball and Mark Pryce-Maher.

So, come aboard and join us on this informative journey!  Start planning which sessions you'll be attending with our quick reference guide:

Date/Time Location Session Title Speaker Co-speaker(s)
3/20 - 9:00am Gate 1 Introduction to Microsoft Fabric Mohammad Ali  
3/20 - 9:00am Gate 13 PostgreSQL for SQL Server Professionals Silvano Coriani  
3/20 - 9:00am Gate 4 What You Should Know About Always On Availability Groups Bob Ward  
3/20 - 11:10am Gate 4 Database of the future is here - Azure SQL Hyperscale deep dive Arvind Shyamsundar Aditya Badramraju
3/20 - 11:10am Gate 3 Simplified SQL modernization journey with Azure SQL Migration Tools: A deep dive Ajith Krishnan Neel Ball; 
3/20 - 11:10am Gate 13 SQL DB: a developer's catalyst Muazma Zahid Carlos Robles
Jerry Nixon
3/20 - 1:50pm Gate 4 Modernize your SQL Data by starting cloud journey with SQL Server enabled by Azure Arc. Raj Pochiraju Dhananjay Mahajan
3/20 - 4:00pm Gate 11 Azure SQL Managed Instance Deep Dive by Microsoft Product Group Dani Ljepava Niko Neugebauer;  Nevena Nikolic; Uros Milanovic;  Djordje Jeremic
3/21 - 9:00am   Microsoft Keynote Asad Khan Yitzhak Kesselman, Bob Ward, Buck Woody, Erin Stellato, Patrick LeBlanc, Adam Saxton
3/21 - 10:10am Gate 10 A Deep Dive into DevOps Practices with Azure SQL Carlos Robles Jerry Nixon
3/21 - 10:10am Gate 9 Fly at Mach-speed with Azure SQL Managed Instance Nevena Nikolic Uros Milanovic; Niko  Neugebauer
3/21 - 10:10am Gate 5 Flying High with Data Engineering in Microsoft Fabric Aitor Murguzur Luke Moloney
3/21 - 10:10am Gate 12 Hidden Gems in SQL Server 2022 Database Engine Ajay Jagannathan Dimitri Furman
3/21 - 10:10am Gate 4 Welcome to the world of SQL Copilots Bob Ward Joe Sack
3/21 - 12:00pm Gate 12 Come see your SQL Perfmon in the cloud Bob Ward Dimitri Furman
3/21 - 12:00pm Gate 8 Discover what's new in Azure SQL Managed Instance through an exciting Demo Party! Niko Neugebauer Nevena Nikolic and Uros Milanovic
3/21 - 12:00pm Gate 11 What You've Been Missing in SSMS Erin Stellato  Drew Skwiers-Koballa
3/21 - 2:10pm Gate 1 What's new on the Power BI Roadmap Mohammad Ali Rui Romano
3/21 - 2:10pm Gate 11 Zero to Hero with SQL Server on Linux - DBA & Developers Amit Khandelwal Tejas Shah
3/21 - 3:20pm Gate 12 Building AI ready applications Muazma Zahid Sanjay Mishra
3/21 - 4:50pm Gate 4 Accelerate your Oracle/Mainframe Modernization journey to Azure SQL Mukesh Kumar Asad Khan; Des Fitzgerald
3/21 - 4:50pm Gate 5 Harnessing Data Science and AI in Fabric Luke Moloney Aitor Murguzur
3/21 - 4:50pm Gate 5 What's new in SQL Tools Drew Skwiers-Koballa  
3/22 - 9:00am  Gate 12 Modern models of managing database fleets in Azure PaaS. Bogdan Gavrilovic Dani Ljepava, Uros Milanovic
3/22 - 9:00am  Gate 1 Your first flight with Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric Ulrich Christ Krishnakumar Rukmangathan
3/22 - 10:10am Gate 1 The Microsoft Data Leadership Panel Bob Ward Asad khan, Sanjay Mishra, Muazma Zahid, Alicja Kucharczyk, Mohammed Ali
3/22 - 12:00pm Gate 11 Data tiering using data Virtualization in SQL Ajay Jagannathan  
3/22 - 1:40pm Gate 2  JSON - a first class citizen in Azure SQL DB Sanjay Mishra Abhiman Tiwari
3/22 - 1:40pm Gate 8  Advancing the DBA's Role in the Cloud: In the Cockpit  of Azure SQL Managed Instance Dani Ljepava Djordje Jeremic and Bogdan Gavrilovic
3/22 - 1:40pm Gate 6 More for less: Cost optimizing your Azure SQL databases Aditya Badramraju Arvind Shyamsundar
3/22 - 1:40pm Gate 3 Navigating Modern Authentication in SQL Jordan Hays Pieter Vanhove
3/22 - 3:20pm Gate 8  Making the SQL Query Processor Work for you Derek Wilson  
3/22 - 3:20pm Gate 1 SQL Server and Windows Server Better together on Azure Bob Ward  
3/22 - 4:50pm Gate 11 Achieve peak performance and availability for your SQL Server and Azure SQL workloads with core engine enhancements Ajay Jagannathan Derek Wilson
3/22 - 4:50pm Gate 12 Extendable by Design: Building Generative AI Apps with Postgres and Vector Storage and Azure AI Adam Wolk  
3/23 - 9:00am Gate 12 SQL Server Containers & Kubernetes - Going to Production! Amit Khandelwal Tejas Shah
3/23 - 9:00am Gate 9  Azure SQL DB Data Portability : Mirroring, CDC, Export/Import and DataSync Rajesh Setlem Carlos Robles
3/23 - 9:00am Gate 12 Confidential development with Always Encrypted using enclaves Pieter Vanhove  
3/23 - 9:00am Gate 10 HADR on SQL Server on Azure VMs: Everything you Need to Know David Pless  
3/23 - 9:00am Gate 2 Operational insights in your hybrid-cloud multi-cloud SQL inventory outside azure using Arc SQL Server Dhananjay Mahajan  
3/23 - 10:10am Gate 7  Deep {sky}diving into Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric Jeroen Luitwieler Chunhua Gu
3/23 - 10:10am Gate 11 Perfecting business continuity for Azure SQL DB Rajesh Setlem  
3/23 - 2:10pm Gate 3 Business continuity of on-prem SQL Servers  using Azure services through Arc Dhananjay Mahajan Raj Pochiraju
3/23 - 2:10pm Gate 4 SQL Server on Azure VM - Configuring for Price-Performance David Pless  
3/23 - 2:10pm Gate 5 The What and the Why of Microsoft Fabric Real-time Analytics Devang Shah  
3/23 - 4:00pm Gate 4 A Deep Dive into Microsoft Fabric Data Warehouse Mark Pryce-Maher  
3/23 - 4:00pm Gate 8 Best Practices in PostgreSQL Tuning: Navigating Key Performance Bottlenecks in the Cloud Alicja Kucharczyk  
3/23 - 4:00pm Gate 1 How to design and build AI applications with vector search using Azure OpenAI & Azure Cosmos DB Theo van Kraay  
3/23 - 4:00pm Gate 12 SQL Modernization Journey with Tools, Assets & Migration Best Practices Neel Ball Ajith Krishnan, Des Fitzgerald


Community Hangar

The Community Hangar is a unique feature of SQLBits, it’s a space where attendees can meet and interact with community groups, experts, and enthusiasts. Find us in the Community Hangar for opportunities to “Meet the PG” or product group – the folks who build the products and features you use every day.

11:30 - 11:50  Meet the PG: SQL Leadership Asad Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Muazma Zahid, Ajay Jagannathan, Joe Sack, Tejas Shah, Dhananjay Mahajan, Buck Woody
12 - 12:50 Meet the PG: Power BI with Patrick, Adam & Mohammad Mohammad Ali, Patrick LeBlanc, Adam Saxton
15:20-16:10 Meet the PG: PostgreSQL in Azure Alicja Kucharczyk, Adam Wolk, Silvano Coriani
1620-16:40 Meet the PG: Data Platform Security Pieter Vanhove, Jordan Hays
11:30 – 11:50 Meet The PG : SQL Server in hybrid and multicloud environments Dhanajay Mahajan, Raj Pochiraju, Ajay Jagannathan
12:00 – 12:50 Meet The PG: All things Azure SQL DB Aditya Badramraju, Arvind Shyamsunder, Rajesh Setlem, Dimitri Furman
14:50 - 15:10 Meet the PG : SQL Server on Linux/Containers Amit Khandelwal, Tejas Shah
15:20 – 16:10  Meet the PG: Developers Muazma Zahid, Jerry Nixon, Carlos Robles, Abhiman Tiwari
10:10 – 11:00  Meet the PG: SQL tools Drew Skwiers-Koballa, Erin Stellato, Subhojit Basak, Carlos Robles
11:30 – 11:50 Meet the PG: Azure SQL Managed Instance Niko Neugebauer, Dani Ljepava, Nevena Nikolic, Uros Milanovic, Djordje Jeremic, Bogdan Gavrilovic
14:10 – 15:00 Meet the PG: Data Integration  Jeroen Luitwieler, Ulrich Christ, Krishnakumar Rukmangathan, Chunhua Gu


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