Prompt Like a Pro: Stay on top of your chats with Copilot in Teams

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Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool for collaborating with your colleagues and sharing information in real time. However, it can be challenging to keep track of what is happening in your Teams conversations. Staying on top of everything is even harder when you have been traveling for work, are in training for a week, or work with a team that is in different time zones. How do you ensure that you haven’t missed any important action items, decisions made, topics discussed, or anything else that might be relevant to your work?

Get chat highlights with Copilot in Teams

Copilot in Teams chat can help you stay up to speed on all your conversations. If you have a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license, you can leverage Copilot to answer questions, provide insights, and suggest actions based on your chat messages. And one of the most useful prompts to use with Copilot in Teams is generating chat highlights. Now, with a few clicks, you can generate a 7-day highlight that synthesizes the key information from your chats. Simply go into any chat and click the “More prompts” button in the bottom left corner and select "Highlights from the past 7 days” or write it yourself in the chat function.

Copilot chat - 7 day highlights.gif

You can choose other time periods to look back on as well – either 1 day or 30 days - to build on what you first selected, or you could find out about any open items and decisions that were made while you were away. You can even write your own twist on this prompt, such as “Highlights since Monday,” to catch up on messages sent since a specific day. Using a pre-built prompt allows Copilot in Teams to provide a high-quality response and is a great foundation for additional prompts you may want to ask.

The information Copilot will tell you

When you ask Copilot for your chat highlights, it will look through your messages and extract the most important information for you. It will tell you things like*:

  • Who joined the team
  • What tasks were assigned, completed, or overdue
  • What decisions were made or what opinions were shared
  • What meetings were scheduled, held, or canceled
  • What files were shared, edited, or commented on
  • What topics were discussed or what questions were asked
  • What feedback was given or what praise was received
  • What problems were encountered or what solutions were proposed
  • What announcements were made or what events were planned
  • What everyone shared they would do over the weekend

Copilot will present the chat highlights in a concise and clear summary, with citations that – when clicked on - take you to where that message is in the chat so you can get more context.

Copilot chat - 7 day highlights reference selected.png

You can also use further prompting of your own to customize the chat highlights by filtering them by date, channel, person, or keyword. By writing your own detailed prompts, you can ask Copilot to show you chat highlights related to a project, or only those from a specific person or on a particular topic.

Save time with Copilot

Instead of spending hours scrolling through your chat messages to find the information you need, now you can do it in seconds with Copilot in Teams chat. In doing so, you can free up your time like never before and focus that time on doing more meaningful work. You can also improve your team collaboration by staying informed, aligned, and engaged as soon as you use this prompt.

Additional resources

If you want to find more examples of prompts that Copilot can help you with, check out Copilot Lab. There you can filter by M365 app to learn what Prompts to use in Teams and get tips for better optimized prompts. You can also suggest some great prompts you have used that you think others would benefit from in their conversations with Copilot.

What’s coming next

Copilot in Teams is constantly evolving and improving thanks to your input and feedback. Stay tuned for more tips on how to work with Copilot to make your team conversations more productive and fun, and before you know it you will be prompting like a pro! For those reading that already have a Copilot in Microsoft 365 license, feel free to share your favorite prompts in the chat for the chance to get featured in a future “Prompt Like a Pro” blog.


* If Copilot does not give you this information, use your own words with a follow-up prompt to get the answer you are looking for.

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