Skilling snack: Data security basics for IT pros

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Data security is the foundational layer of Zero Trust. Just as you protect your organizational identity, endpoints, applications, network, and infrastructure, you'd also want to protect data. What data to protect and how to protect it? Here's a list of ingredients and recipes for you to try out today.

timer-icon.png Time to learn: 129 minutes


Protect data with Zero Trust

Zero Trust isn't a tool or product. It's an essential security strategy, with data at its core. Learn how to know your data, protect your data, and prevent data loss. In addition, earn 600 XP for completing this beginner module.

(15 mins)

Zero Trust + Data + M365 + DLP



Intro to data classification and protection

New to data classification and data protection? Get introduced to key concepts and Microsoft technologies to classify and protect your data. You'll have earned 900 XP for completing 8 bite-sized units.

(51 mins)

Azure + DLP + Sensitive Information + Privacy + Compliance + Governance



Privacy and data security in Microsoft Copilot for Security

Prepare for Microsoft Copilot for Security, which is currently in Early Access Program. Learn how Security Copilot handles system and customer data, what data sharing options are available, and how to opt in or out of it. Additionally, check out information on Microsoft data protection, data residency and sovereignty.

(4 mins)

Copilot + AI + Azure + Global Administrator + Security Administrator + GPU + US + UK + EU



Microsoft Security Copilot

Bookmark this landing page for all things on Microsoft Copilot for Security. Here, you can subscribe for updates, find the latest news and announcements, and get educational resources for yourself, your users, and technical decision makers.

(time varies)

Copilot + Security + Cyberthreat + AI + Microsoft Defender + Entra + Purview + Intune + Sentinel + Identity + Device + Cloud + Management



Data classification & sensitivity label taxonomy

All data range from most to least sensitive or confidential. Learn how to set up a data classification framework for your organization. You can use either Microsoft's recommendations or build your own.

(4 mins)

Cybersecurity + Information Governance + Confidential + Sensitive Data + PII + PHI + Encryption


READ icon.pngREAD

Learn about data loss prevention

How much do you know about data loss prevention (DLP)? Learn how to create policies to identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive items across Windows endpoints and Microsoft 365.

(17 mins)

DLP + Policies + MS Purview + M365 + Office + Windows 11 + Windows 10 + macOS + SharePoint + Power BI



Unveil Data Security Paradoxes

In this episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks, Microsoft security experts discuss the Data Security Index research. Avoid security gaps and issues through prevention of tool overload. Allocate resources better to optimize data security. And, if you're a security leader, get tips on enhancing your all-up security posture.

(20 mins)

Security Posture + Data Protection + Risk Reduction + MS Purview + Privacy + Compliance + Data Classification + Policies + Alerts + Integration



The Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention Ninja Training is here!

If interested in learning more about data loss prevention in depth, bookmark this learning trajectory.

(10 mins)

DLP + MS Purview + Security + Compliance + Identity + Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced + Training



The Microsoft Purview Information Protection Ninja Training is here!

Ready to upskill in information protection and data classification? Review these learning suggestions!

(8 mins)

Information Protection + MS Purview + Security + Compliance + Identity + Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced + Training



Windows 11 Security Book

Download the latest security book for Windows 11 for your reference. Learn about security foundations and chip-to-cloud protections included by design.

(time varies)

Windows 11 + Zero Trust + Chip to Cloud + Hardware + OS + Application + Identity + Privacy + Cloud + Cybersecurity



Microsoft Secure

Don't miss the security event coming up on March 13, 2024. This year's theme is "Security for all in the age of AI." Register today to be among the first to hear about new products, capabilities, and offerings. You'll learn from industry leaders and get demos on the latest AI-powered innovations.

(time varies)

Digital Event + Threat Intelligence + End-to-End Protection + Responsible AI

Let us know what data security subtopic you've found most helpful today! Was it data classification? Data loss prevention? Microsoft Copilot for Security? Anything missing here?

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