Announcing the 2024 Imagine Cup Semifinalists!

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We're thrilled to announce the next chapter of the 2024 Imagine Cup, a global technology competition that celebrates the perseverance, grit and brilliance of students who are building startups with AI at their core. The spotlight now shines on the semifinals. It’s a phase that's sure to push these founders toward accelerated growth and unlock new possibilities for them in the competition and beyond.

Today we proudly unveil the teams that have earned their place in the Semifinals. These teams are pioneers. They represent the first generation of technologists who are using AI, not just as a tool, but as a foundational element in innovative startups that have the potential to transform industries, uplift communities, and even save lives.

The 2024 Imagine Cup World Champion will be crowned in May during Microsoft Build. The winner will take home the grand prize—USD100,000and a mentoring session with Microsoft Chairman and CEO, Satya Nadella. Two runners up will each earn USD50,000.

Curious about the journey ahead? Learn more about these semifinalists’ journey. Explore each team’s startup and discover how these entrepreneurs are using AI to create a tangible difference. Tune in, support your favorites, track their progress, and get inspired by the ingenuity of these student founders!



What’s next for the semifinalists?

In upcoming weeks, the semifinalists will refine their solutions, turning every line of code and design choice into a robust, market-ready startup. The journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable.

Here's a sneak peek into what awaits the teams:

  1. Harnessing the power of AI Acceleration: The semifinalists will work with mentors and experts to explore how AI can help propel their startup forward – from intelligent automation, to pushing creativity to data-driven insights – this will be the time for founders to embed AI seamlessly into their solution.
  2. Access to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub: This will allow the semifinalists to harness additional resources, delve deeper into Azure, and unlock tools poised to refine the trajectory for their startups, such as:
    • Up to USD150,000 of Azure credits. Plus, offers for 30+ tools and services from Microsoft and our partners, with more credits and benefits as they grow. 
    • Access to Azure AI Studio, the most comprehensive set of generative AI models, including OpenAI GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and Llama 2 by Meta. 
    • USD2,500 in OpenAI credits to experiment with LLMs.
  3. 1:1 expert advice from AI experts and entrepreneurial mentors: The journey through the semifinals is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Participants will receive guidance tailored to their specific needs, challenges and opportunities as a founder. 

2024 Imagine Cup Semifinalists (in alphabetical order)

Discover how these student innovators are using AI to make a tangible difference. Get acquainted with a brief overview of each team:



About (as described in their own words)

Adalat AI

"Leverages AI to revolutionize India's judicial system, tackling extensive case backlogs and delays. Our technology, including AI-driven transcription tools, expedites court processes, enhancing efficiency and accuracy."

Aesop AI

"An interactive, educational storybook platform that transforms how stories are told."


"A multiplatform app to help farmers in every stage of their farming activities."

Boats Against The Current

"A multifunctional inspection robot for landscape water, which can realize the automation and intelligence of water inspection and ecological protection…”



"Our team aims to create AI-powered companion robots to combat loneliness and support the elderly for Alzheimer’s and dementia."



"A desktop application designed specifically for IT professionals: a comprehensive stress reduction solution tailored to the unique demands of the industry."



"An augmented reality based educational platform which uses real time visuals to enhance the overall learning experience of students.”


"An AI technology company that encapsulates the most technological and customizable form of the visual experience, spanning from humans to machines."

Galen Health


"Our flagship product, OncoSight, is an AI platform that analyzes patterns in routinely available data from the electronic health record to detect early warning signs of pancreatic cancer."



"An innovative learning tool designed to accelerate vocabulary and language skills in hearing-impaired children.”



"We develop Al powered products to control manufacturing in heavy industries."



"An aggregator website for fashion products that support users to search with their natural language or their own photos and screenshots."



"A software platform which aims to facilitate the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. It integrates with wearable sensors and displays data in a customizable UI. It can also be combined with a tremor-suppressing exoskeleton."



"An AI-powered productivity coach to help people with ADHD who are struggling with task paralysis get their tasks done. Our coach asks questions to identify the user's obstacles, suggests strategies, and teaches the user about their work style."

Sign Saathi


“A transformative solution designed to empower the deaf community and transcend the limitations they face by providing instant sign language generation, interpretation, and ultimately, education."



"A copilot for Higher Education! UpEase incorporates user and developer friendly interfaces, seamless integration with Microsoft 365, robust AI technology and a community network, to segregate itself in the education management space."


"A groundbreaking initiative that bridges the digital divide in remote areas through technology. Utilizing Azure's cloud services, it offers a two-part solution: The Mesh Network and The Hive educational platform."


"A real-life Pokédex: on our mobile app, you can scan and collect any object, talk to your collection, and share your experiences! WorldDex uses computer vision, LLMs, and other cutting-edge tech for a magical experience."

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