MVP’s Favorite Content: Windows, Generative AI, M365, Azure

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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Maison da Silva, Windows and Devices MVP, Brazil

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create partition primary | Microsoft Learn

Resize-Partition (Storage) | Microsoft Learn

“Help technical users who had problem installing update KB5034441 2024-01-09 "0x80070643 - ERROR_INSTALL_FAILURE" Workaround: It might be necessary to increase the size of the WinRE partition in order to avoid this issue and complete the installation."

*Relevant Blog: Redimensionamento Manual da Partição para Instalação da Atualização WinRE: Um Guia Passo a Passo – Maison da Silva


Tso Kar Ho, Microsoft Azure MVP, Hong Kong SAR

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18 Lessons, Get Started Building with Generative AI

“The content in this repository is highly valuable for beginners, as it not only introduces the concepts of generative AI but also provides hands-on examples and code snippets to help users understand and implement the techniques. The lessons cover a wide range of topics, including language models, semantic search, transformers, and more, giving learners a holistic understanding of generative AI.

Moreover, the repository is actively maintained and has received significant community engagement, with over 23.6k stars and 15k forks. This level of community activity demonstrates the value and popularity of the content. Additionally, the presence of 50 contributors indicates a collaborative environment where users can benefit from the expertise and insights of others in the field.


I have personally found this content to be highly informative and well-structured, making it an ideal resource for individuals looking to explore generative AI. I believe that this repository will greatly benefit those who are new to the field and provide them with a solid foundation to build upon.


As an MVP, I have written a blog post discussing the significance of generative AI and its potential applications in healthcare. In the blog post, I have highlighted the "Generative AI for Beginners" repository as an excellent starting point for individuals interested in learning more about this field. I have shared practical examples and insights from the repository to showcase the practicality and versatility of generative AI in the healthcare domain.


Additionally, I have organized a virtual event for the local developer community, where I conducted a workshop using the lessons from the "Generative AI for Beginners" repository. The event aimed to introduce beginners to the world of generative AI and provide them with hands-on experience in building their own models. The event received positive feedback, with participants expressing their appreciation for the comprehensive and beginner-friendly content provided by Microsoft.


Tetsuro Takao, Developer Technologies MVP, Japan

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Microsoft 365 guidance for security & compliance - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Learn

“This is a content that compiles all the installation methods for implementing Microsoft 365 security and compliance, and can be used as a reference when writing work or blog articles. It is also a very useful content for planning and proposals, as it serves as a guideline for design and includes license information, which is helpful when planning the order of implementation and construction.”

(In Japanese: Microsoft 365のセキュリティ、コンプライアンスの実装についてすべての設置方法がまとまっており、仕事やブログ記事を書く際にリファレンス的に参照することが可能なコンテンツ。企画、提案の際にも設計の指針になり、ライセンス情報も同コンテンツに記載があるため導入構築順などを計画する際にも役立つ非常に有用なコンテンツ。)

*Relevant Activity: .NETラボ - connpass


Sou Ishizaki, Microsoft Azure MVP, Japan

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Connecting to Azure Services on the Microsoft Global Network - Microsoft Community Hub

“This is a valuable article that delves deeper into the Microsoft Global Network and provides an answer to the question, 'Does this connection architecture connect to the internet or not?”

(In Japanese: Microsoft Global Network について一歩踏み込んで「この接続アーキテクチャはインターネットに出るのか否か」に答えを与えてくれる、ありがたい記事です。)

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