Azure Programmable Connectivity: Empowering the next generation of connected applications

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As digital ecosystems expand, telco operators are not just enhancing their networks; they're transforming them to offer new advanced services that enable applications to interact with these networks in entirely new ways. This evolution is not only about improving application performance and security but also about unlocking potential that was once out of reach.

Telco operators have started to open up their networks through APIs, effectively turning these networks into programmable platforms that can adapt to changing demands.



With the transformation of networks, applications too must evolve to take advantage of these newfound network capabilities. This requires developers to dive into these network features, understanding how they can elevate user experiences. Applications that successfully harness these capabilities are what we're calling, “Modern Connected Applications.”

However, navigating this landscape presents two primary challenges. First, understanding the myriad of network capabilities offered by various telco operators worldwide and identifying the best use cases for application enhancement. This challenge is being addressed through global collaboration efforts led by CAMARA—The Telco Global API Alliance and GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative; they aim to standardize network APIs and their accessibility to developers.



The second challenge lies in the contracting and utilization of these network capabilities across a fragmented landscape of global networks. Microsoft Azure steps in to bridge this gap with the introduction of Azure Programmable Connectivity (APC), a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes how developers interact with network API services from multiple mobile operators.

APC offers a seamless Azure experience, providing a unified, standard interface across multiple operator networks globally while abstracting the complexities inherent to network APIs. This ensures code consistency and reliability, even as networks continue to evolve. Developers can focus on building applications without worrying about underlying network changes. With APC, networks change, but the code does not.




Developers can easily access APC within the Azure portal. The APC Gateway , the platform's core, autonomously manages API calls, credential handling, and ensures calls are accurately routed to the appropriate mobile operator. The platform also features a user-friendly, multiple-selection interface, enabling developers to effortlessly choose and subscribe to network APIs from a diverse range of operators and regions, making APC a dynamic marketplace that simplifies the procurement process while maintaining a consistent user experience.

After private preview debut at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2023 , APC is now available in public preview with several APIs, including number verification, SIM swap, and other capabilities. Azure is actively collaborating with global operators to integrate their network APIs with APC, developing a strong partner ecosystem. Today, that ecosystem includes AT&T, BT, Claro, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, MEO, Rogers, Singtel , T-Mobile, Telefóni ca, TIM Brasil, Verizon, and Vivo. APC is committed to continually broadening its global reach with additional operators. We also continue working with network technology partners and network programmability aggregators, such as Ericsson and Vonage, as well as Nokia and Nokia’s Network as Code platform, making concrete progress accelerating the ecosystem on network programmability.


“We’re delighted to partner with Microsoft in enabling developers to connect to our network APIs via its Azure Programmable Connectivity (APC) platform. Through simplifying and standardizing access to the rich capabilities of 5G-era networks like ours, APC promises to create a thriving partner ecosystem, which in turn will lead to the creation of new 5G applications and services for enterprise, industry, and consumers.” Reza Rhanama, Managing Director, Mobile, BT



"We are thrilled to be part of the groundbreaking Open Gateway initiative with Microsoft. By leveraging the expansive reach of operator networks, we foresee an unprecedented technological leap for businesses and developers by forging a path towards reducing fraud and unlocking innovative solutions previously unimaginable. We are proud to be at the forefront of this technological revolution.” Ageu Dantas, Head of Data Analytics, Claro



“As early contributors to CAMARA and Open Gateway, we truly believe the path towards programmable networks is making the new connectivity capabilities widely accessible to developers in an easy-to-use format. Microsoft has been a key partner for Orange in 2023 enabling developer journey collaboration for beta versions of CAMARA APIs from Orange on Azure and advanced use cases such as Quality on Demand with Summit Tech for live streaming. Thanks to Azure Programmable Connectivity, developers will have soon access to Orange Network APIs on Azure marketplace.” Otilia Anton, Telco APIs Program Director, Orange



"As the only Canadian carrier with a truly national 5G network, we are proud to continue our longstanding partnership with Microsoft and work with other global carriers on this industry-leading API platform. This new 5G technology will support developers in innovating and shaping the future of 5G applications that help improve the daily lives of Canadians and transform industries and businesses.” Ron McKenzie, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Rogers



“Standard code and network APIs are critical tools in helping developers build the next generation of business and consumer applications. Already, T-Mobile's opened up network APIs through our DevEdge platform, enabling the first-ever network slicing beta for developers. And we can't wait to bring developers more access to our network APIs with the Azure Programmable Connectivity platform.” Mark McDiarmid, SVP of Technology Innovation and Industry Partnerships, T-Mobile



“Open Gateway enables developers to create new types of applications that benefit from Telefonica’s and other Telcos’ network APIs. Microsoft is the ideal partner for this global industry effort, as it provides to its vast ecosystem of developers a unified way to access Telco APIs. Developers can write the code just once, and rest assured that it will work without any changes across a wide range of geographies and telecom operators. Azure Programmable Connectivity nicely aggregates CAMARA standard APIs, providing common authentication methods and guaranteeing adherence to local privacy regulations.” Chema Alonso, Chief Digital Officer, Telefonica



"We are privileged to join forces with the Open Gateway initiative alongside Microsoft since 2023, emphasizing our joint commitment to providing cutting-edge security and fraud prevention solutions within this platform. Leveraging GSMA's leadership, TIM, a 5G leader in Brazil, is progressing with APIs 100% standardized. Endeavors of this nature encourage the discovery of new experiences with 5G, showcasing globally scalable telecom capabilities tailored for businesses of varying sizes." Leonardo Siqueira, Director of Data Monetization, TIM Brasil



“Verizon’s network APIs enable developers to create new experiences, ease pain points in customer interactions, and improve customer security by enabling access to Verizon network APIs through Azure’s APC, developers across the globe can benefit from Verizon’s deep knowledge of the data environment and expansive network resource.” Srini Kalapala, Senior Vice President of Technology and Product Development, Verizon



Enterprises are rapidly adopting APC to integrate network-aware applications into their operations, as seen with Banco Itaú Unibanco and NAGRA , taking advantage of APC to enhance security and provide anti-fraud protection.

As we step into the future with Azure Programmable Connectivity, we invite you to explore the convergence of networks and applications, redefining connectivity's boundaries. Embrace the potential of modern connected applications and lead your journey into a connected world with APC.


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