SQL Server enabled by Azure Arc, now assists in selecting the best Azure SQL target

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Cloud migration is the process of moving workloads from on-premises or legacy systems to the cloud. It can be a complex and lengthy process, depending on the size and scope of the project. Cloud migration typically involves four steps: discovery, assessment, planning, and migration.  Azure Arc simplifies migration by automating complex tasks for the user and allowing them to use Azure Arc-enabled services to start modernizing operations and optimize operational costs from day one of the migration journey.


In our mission to streamline the Azure SQL migrations, SQL Server enabled by Arc now features the "Migration assessment".  This feature helps you assess your SQL Server readiness for Azure SQL.

  • Streamlined discovery and migration readiness assessments:  Given that the SQL Server already has the Arc agent installed, the discovery of the SQL Server and its technical readiness is automatically, and continuously done.  The migration readiness reports are available in the Azure portal without additional configuration. 
  • Azure SQL readiness assessment: Evaluate and measure the readiness of SQL Servers for migration to Azure SQL. This process
    • Discovers and assesses the SQL Server instance and databases
    • Pinpoints SQL Server workloads that are ready for migration
    • Identifies potential compatibility issues with the target environment
    • Assesses migration risks
    • Provides recommendations to mitigate these risks
  • Azure SQL size recommendations: Provides best-fit recommendations, including the service tier and right-sizing based on performance history.
  • The SQL Server migration assessment is a free and continuous service that runs weekly for all SQL Server editions.



The readiness report identifies and helps resolve any migration issues or warnings for the SQL Server. It shows the exact objects and issues that need attention and provides clear instructions on fixing them for a smooth migration.




This video will show you how the SQL Server enabled by Arc can modernize your database management operations and reduce operational costs from the first day of the migration journey. You will also learn how the Arc-enabled SQL Servers provide an integrated experience for the migration process.



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