How to Learn Generative AI with Microsoft’s Free Course

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Generative AI is one of the most exciting and innovative fields in artificial intelligence, enabling machines to create new content by learning from existing data. Whether you want to generate text, images, music, or even code, generative AI can help you unleash your creativity and solve real-world problems.


But how can you get started with generative AI? What are the best tools and resources to learn the fundamentals and build your own projects?



If you are looking for a comprehensive and practical course that covers everything you need to know about generative AI, you are in luck. Microsoft has recently launched a version two of it free  course called Generative AI for Beginners which now has 18 lessons, designed by cloud advocates and experts in the field.


This course will teach you the concepts of generative models, large language models (LLMs), prompt engineering, and more. You will also get to build your own generative AI applications using Python or TypeScript, and access the powerful OpenAI models through Azure OpenAI Service or OpenAI API.


The course is hosted on GitHub, which means you can easily fork the entire repository to your own account and work on the lessons at your own pace. Each lesson includes a video introduction, a written guide, code examples, challenges, and extra resources to keep learning.


The course is suitable for beginners who have some basic knowledge of Python or TypeScript, and are interested in exploring the world of generative AI. You don’t need any prior experience with AI or deep learning to follow along.


To join the course, simply visit the GitHub repository and follow the instructions on the README file. You will also find a course setup guide to help you get everything ready.


You can also join the official AI Discord server to connect with other learners, share your insights, and get support. 


If you have a startup or a groundbreaking AI idea, you can also apply for Microsoft’s Founders Hub to receive free OpenAI credits and Azure credits.

AI learning hub Microsoft Learn is your trusted source to help you get skilled up and ready to power AI transformation with the Microsoft Cloud.


Don’t miss this opportunity to learn generative AI with Microsoft’s free course. Start your journey today and discover the endless possibilities of generative AI.

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