Announcing the release of CycleCloud 8.6

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CycleCloud 8.6: What's New and How to Get Started

Learn about the latest features and enhancements of CycleCloud, the leading cloud HPC orchestration platform.

CycleCloud is a powerful tool that enables you to create, manage, and optimize high-performance computing (HPC) clusters on the cloud. Whether you need to run simulations, data analysis, machine learning, or other compute-intensive workloads, CycleCloud can help you scale up and down your resources, optimize your costs, and automate your workflows.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the new features and enhancements of CycleCloud 8.6, the latest release of the platform. We will also show you how to get started with CycleCloud and how to access the documentation and support resources.


What's New in CycleCloud 8.6

  • Preview: Now in CycleCloud 8.6, you can use Entra ID for user authentication to the CycleCloud UI and CLI.
  • Azure Managed Lustre support: AMLFS has been supported in CycleCloud for a while now thanks to the inclusion of the Lustre drivers in the Azure HPC images. Up until now it’s required using cloud-init or cluster-init projects to mount those filesystems. Starting in CycleCloud 8.6 customers can mount AMLFS directly as a native mount point, just like other NFS filesystems.
  • RHEL 9 support: Previously there was an issue with RHEL 9 and other more current Linux distributions due to non-ascii characters in the node metadata. This is fixed, and customers can use RedHat 9 or other variants.
  • Slurm users can now configure the GPU count for nodes manually. For some VM sizes, the reported number of GPUs may not match what’s actually available on the node. With this capability, customers can override that value to make sure Slurm handles GPUs correctly.
  • Jetpack CLI now provides a “run_on_shutdown” action that registers steps to perform before shutdown or termination if a Scheduled Event is enabled.

How to Access the Documentation and Support Resources

If you need more information or assistance with CycleCloud, you can access the official documentation here or submit a support request through the Azure portal. 

We hope you enjoy using CycleCloud 8.6 and find it useful for your HPC needs. We welcome your feedback and suggestions to help us improve the platform and deliver the best experience for you.


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