Azure SQL DB – Failed to add database to failover group – find out why

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When attempting to add database to a failover group, saving the modification on the failover group resource succeeded, but the database never added to the failover group. 




When submitting the request to add database to failover group the success indicate that the request submitted successfully, the actual process to add the database to the failover group happen in the background.  

As there is no notification for the add operation you might feel that the operation has been successfully completed which might not always be the case. 


To get more information about the actual process navigate to the Activity Log of your SQL Server resource group to monitor the outcome of the request. 


In the activity log of your resource group, you can find the actual failure:


Opening the actual failed operation gives you the following summary message.

in this case it does not contains enough information to help me solve my problem. 



To get the underlying actual error that will guide you how to fix the problem open the JSON document and search for the "statusMessage":



In my case I simulate the error by creating the database on the destination, while attempting to add the database to the failover group (and to the geo-replication relationship) it failed as the database already exists.


Author: Yochanan Rachamim. 

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