How to Develop Your AI Coding Skills with Azure Enablement Show (Part Two)

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As the tech world constantly evolves, artificial intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of innovative development. If you're a developer, an Azure user, or simply an AI enthusiast, improving your AI coding skills is no longer just a competitive edge—it’s a necessity. This blog delves into the Azure Enablement Show’s How to Develop your AI Coding Skills (Part Two) and all of the various resources that will be a valuable to your AI learning journey.


Tips for Developing AI Coding Skills

Emerging as a skilled AI developer involves understanding robust platforms like Azure deeply. Azure Skilling Expert Natalie Mickey and I dive into some of the tips and resources to get you started:



Get Started Building Intelligent Apps on Azure

Start developing your AI skills with Azure today and take your first step towards becoming an AI-development savant. Make sure to watch the Azure Enablement Show now and take that initial step towards becoming an AI architect of tomorrow.


Microsoft’s AI Learning Hub is your one-stop-shop for accessing all these resources. It covers new technology offerings through Azure, different modules, learning paths, and certifications that will keep you up to date with everything we have to offer.


As AI developers, the horizon is yours to broaden. We encourage you to harness the potential of AI with Microsoft Azure, let this be the start—or the escalation—of your AI coding skills development journey.

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