Don’t miss the 2024 Azure Developers JavaScript Day!

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Azure Developers JavaScript Day!

Do you want to discover the latest services and features in Azure designed specifically for JavaScript developers? Are you looking for cutting-edge cloud development techniques that can save you time and money, while providing your customers with the best experience possible?
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If yes, join us next week for a 2-Day virtual conference to hear directly from the experts behind the most sought-after cloud services for JavaScript) developers to learn. Register today Azure Developers JavaScript Day 

Day 1 (March 6, 2024): Building an intelligent App with JavaScript (Dev Tools & AI)



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GitHub Copilot Can Do That? :suprised:

GitHub Copilot is the original Copilot and the most widely adopted AI tool in history. We’ll jump into GitHub Copilot and take a look at some of the astonishing things that it can do and how it can make your life as a developer exponentially easier and more enjoyable.

  • Burke Holland, Principal Cloud Advocate

Building a Versatile RAG Pattern chatbot with Azure OpenAI, LangChain :cool:

Let's walk-through the code of our popular JavaScript Azure OpenAI sample, from the backend services to the frontend application, and even the schema that connects them seamlessly together: the Chat Application Protocol.

  • Wassim Chegham, Senior Cloud Advocate
  • Natalia Venditto, Principal Product Owner
  • Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen, Microsoft MVP / GitHub Star

LangChain.js + Azure: A Generative AI App Journey :happyface:

Discover the journey of building RAG applications using LangChain.js and Azure. In this demo, we build a Q&A system using YouTube video transcripts, using open-source models and Ollama.

  • Yohan Lasorsa, Senior JavaScript Developer Advocate

Extending Copilot for Microsoft 365 using JavaScript and TypeScript 

Did you know that you can extend Copilot to work with your business data and external content? You’ll learn how to extend Copilot with plugins and Graph connectors written in JavaScript and TypeScript, examining the architecture, relevant Azure resources, and of course the code.

  • Bob German, Principal Cloud Advocate

Have a safe coffee chat with your documentation using Azure AI Services

Join to learn how to enhance the quality & content safety in our question-and-answer flow when building custom documentation assistant using AI (GPT + LangChain

  • Maya Shavin, Senior Software Engineer

Day 2 (March 7, 2024): Building an Intelligent App with JavaScript (Hosting & Integrations)



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Crafting Future-proof Apps with JavaScript & Azure Cosmos DB

We'll explore the latest additions to the Cosmos DB SDK and Vercel integration for seamless deployment of JavaScript-based applications using templates.

  • Sajeetharan Sinnathurai, Principal Product Manager Azure Cosmos DB

Turn your database into GraphQL APIs with Azure Static Web Apps Database Connections :cool:

Skip the boilerplate server code and use Static Web Apps Database Connections to directly access your database contents using a set of provided GraphQL APIs.

  • Thomas Gavin, Product Manager Azure Static Web Apps
  • Stacy Cashmore, MVP for Developer Technologies

Build real-time web apps with Socket.IO and let Azure handle scalability, no more adapters.

We are going to explore building “real-time” web apps using the Socket.IO open-source, covering common challenges among Socket.IO developers – scaling out to multiple Socket.IO servers.

  • Ken Chen, Principal Software Eng Manager Azure Web PubSub and Azure SignalR
  • Kevin Guo, Senior Product manager Azure Web PubSub and Azure SignalR

Playwright in Action: From Setup to Best Practices 

Dive into the essentials of end-to-end testing with Playwright in this engaging session, demonstrating how to efficiently set up, execute automated tests and debug them in GitHub Actions. We'll share best practices and tips to optimize your testing workflow.

  • Max Schmitt, Software Engineer Playwright
  • Stefan Judis, Playwright Ambassador


A Cloud Skills Challenge to Sharpen your Skills


That's not all, we have curated a set of learn modules and exercises to help you discover and practice on the latest Azure services tailored for JavaScript Developers.
Our materials cover: -
  • Using GitHub Copilot with JavaScript
  • Getting started with Azure OpenAI for JavaScript applications.
  • Serverless hosting and compute options in Azure.
  • Using GitHub Actions
  • Using the MongoDB API in Azure Cosmos DB
  • Integrating Microsoft 365 data
  • Much more!!
We can't wait to see you at the conference! Stay tuned!

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