Part 2 – Babylon.js 7.0: WebXR, glTF and animation advancement

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Our mission is to create one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple web rendering engines in the world. The latest Babylon.js 7.0 engine packs a ton of new improvements to help you create stunning experiences.

State of Art WebXR Support

Babylon.js continues to support the full WebXR spec, making it as simple as possible to create incredibly immersive web experiences. With this release, Babylon.js 7.0 adds support for several new WebXR features including: full-screen GUI, touchable UI elements, world scale, antialiased multiviews, and the ability to use hands and controllers at the same time! If you are excited about creating immersive experiences on the web, then this version has your name on it! Check it out: Learn more here: and

Apple Vision Pro Support

Apple’s Vision Pro is an exciting product that provides a blending of the real and virtual worlds in fascinating new ways. We are excited to share that Babylon.js 7.0 adds full support for Vision Pro allowing Apple fans to experience immersive worlds through the web at the push of a button. If you have an Apple Vision Pro, dive into a Babylon.js world here:

Advanced Animation System Updates

The world of computer animation is always evolving and Babylon.js evolves hand in hand with it. Babylon.js 7.0 brings some exciting new features to the underlying animation engine, unlocking powerful new capabilities for real-time animations on the web. These updates add the ability to blend animation groups and mask specific portions of animations allowing creators to fine tune their experiences like never before. Interested in a forward walk cycle, blended with a sideways strafe, all with active morph target lip sync? It’s now all possible thanks to the exciting updates to the animation system. Learn more:,

State of the Art glTF support

Every version of Babylon.js comes with updated support for the full glTF spec. This means you can always count on the Babylon platform to render the very state-of-the-art and cutting edge rendering advancements on the web. With Babylon.js 7.0, that rich tradition continues with the added support of the Dispersion and Anisotropy glTF extensions. KHR_materials_dispersion demo: KHR_materials_anisotropy demo: Babylon.js is powered and supported by one of the most incredible open-source communities in the world. Tune in next time to learn more about the new features and extensions contributed by the community.

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