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Customers have told us for a while that they want the ability to insert rich media anywhere within a post, they want to write longer posts and to use Viva Engage for blogging. Additionally, corporate communicators want the flexibility of creating long form, beautiful content directly within Viva Engage and require formatting and design control while ensuring that content looks good across devices. Articles in Viva Engage are designed to meet these needs and give everyone a new way to communicate and share with their network. Employees can view, react, and respond to articles as part of your existing M365 licensing.




Create long-styled posts and newsletters using Articles in Viva Engage.

How to get it?

The new Articles capability is available to customers with a Microsoft Viva or Employee Communications and Communities license.

Why use articles?

  • Flexible design, giving employees the control over the formatting and design elements, including adding quotes, rich media or code blocks
  • Simple to start publishing content without the need for technical expertise
  • Focus on the content creation instead of building a full site
  • Design that can be easily viewed on mobile, teams or via email
  • Draft and schedule content for a specific time
  • Preview how the content looks before publishing
  • Analytics available for the article
  • Article content is fully interactive (view, like, react, respond, share) directly within Outlook and Teams
  • Use Copilot to help you create, draft, and improve the content for the article 


article with copilot.PNG


Add rich media, code blocks, videos and formatting within the Articles editor. You can then preview the content.


Getting started with Articles

Here are some example scenarios for how to use Articles:

Leaders can share regular content, such as a weekly blog or a monthly newsletter. Leaders, or their delegate can share post or draft and schedule articles for their storyline, and employees will get notified when a new article is posted. Leaders or their delegates can send articles as storyline announcements or announcements in a community, with rich media directly in Outlook and Teams and employees can view, react and respond directly from those applications.


Article in leadership corner.PNG


Employees can create and publish articles on their storyline or relevant community to share long-form content, such as guides, customer updates, results from research study, or updates about a specific product launch. You can include a different media types within an article, including code blocks, videos, or rich media.



Preview your post to ensure it looks how you want.

Articles in Viva Engage is now rolled out to licensed customers.


Check out the FAQ below for additional information on how to get started.


We already use SharePoint news. How would I also use articles?

Keep doing what works -- if SharePoint news gives you engagement and reach! If you want advanced analytics and the ability to impact notifications for employees, try using an article. Use articles if you want a simple way for employees to make guides, newsletters, blog posts, without requiring a SharePoint site.

What licensing is required?

Employees can view, react, and respond to articles as part of your existing Microsoft 365 license. In order to create an article, the employee must be licensed for Viva suite or Employee Communications and Communities (C&C) license.

Can I post an article to a community? Storyline?

Yes! An article can be posted to either a community or on your storyline.

Are there analytics for articles?

Conversation analytics are available for articles to measure reach and impact. Additionally, articles are also part of personal analytics, network analytics and leaders audience analytics.

How are the different images and files stored in articles?

Just like images in a regular post—cover photos, inline images are stored in the community’s SharePoint document library or the poster’s OneDrive. See Viva Engage file storage overview.

Can I search for an article?

Yes! Articles will show up in search. Coming soon, we will be adding capabilities to be able to filter by message type on the conversations search results page tab by: Announcements, discussions, praise, poll, questions, articles, so stay tuned for more!


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