March 2024: Exploring open source at Microsoft, and other highlights for developers

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Microsoft has developed a strong open source program over the past decade. Many of our tools and approaches are available for you to learn from and contribute to. This blog post explores some of the open-source projects at Microsoft and resources that will help you start contributing to and managing your own open-source projects. To learn more about Open Source at Microsoft, visit 


.NET is open source 
Did you know .NET is open source? .NET is open source and cross-platform, and it’s maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community. Check it out on GitHub.   

Microsoft JDConf 2024 
Get ready for JDConf 2024—a free virtual event for Java developers. Explore the latest in tooling, architecture, cloud integration, frameworks, and AI. It all happens online March 27-28 and will include sessions on OpenJDK, OpenTelemetry, and Java development with Visual Studio Code. Learn more and register now.   

Getting started with the Fluent UI Blazor library 
The Fluent UI Blazor library is an open-source set of Blazor components used for building applications that have a Fluent design. Watch this Open at Microsoft episode for an overview and find out how to get started with the Fluent UI Blazor library. 

Generative AI for Beginners 
Want to build your own GenAI application? The free Generative AI for Beginners course on GitHub is the perfect place to start. Work through 18 in-depth lessons and learn everything from setting up your environment to using open-source models available on Hugging Face.    

Reactor series: GenAI for software developers 
Step into the future of software development with the Reactor series. GenAI for Software Developers explores cutting-edge AI tools and techniques for developers, revolutionizing the way you build and deploy applications. Register today and elevate your coding skills. 

How to get GraphQL endpoints with Data API Builder  
The Open at Microsoft show takes a look at using Data API Builder to easily create Graph QL endpoints. See how you can use this no-code solution to quickly enable advanced—and efficient—data interactions.   

Microsoft Graph Toolkit v4.0 is now generally available 
Microsoft Graph Toolkit v4.0 is now available. Learn about its new features, bug fixes, and improvements to the developer experience.   

Customize Dev Containers in VS Code with Dockerfiles and Docker Compose 
Dev containers offer a convenient way to deliver consistent and reproducible environments. Follow along with this video demo to customize your dev containers using Dockerfiles and Docker Compose. 



Other news and highlights for developers  

AI Show: LLM Evaluations in Azure AI Studio 
Don’t deploy your LLM application without testing it first! Watch the AI Show to see how to use Azure AI Studio to evaluate your app’s performance and ensure it’s ready to go live. Watch now.   

Use OpenAI Assistants API to build your own cooking advisor bot on Teams 
Find out how to build an AI assistant right into your app using the new OpenAI Assistants API. Learn about the open playground for experimenting and watch a step-by-step demo for creating a cooking assistant that will suggest recipes based on what’s in your fridge.   

What’s new in Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio 17.9 
What’s new in Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio? Get an overview of new tools and capabilities for .NET developers building apps for Microsoft Teams.  

Embed a custom webpage in Teams 
Find out how to share a custom web page, such as a dashboard or portal, inside a Teams app. It’s easier than you might think. This short video shows how to do this using Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio and Blazor.   

Build your own assistant for Microsoft Teams 
Creating your own assistant app is super easy. Learn how in under 3 minutes! Watch a demo using the OpenAI Assistants, Teams AI Library, and the new AI Assistant Bot template in VS Code. 

Build your custom copilot with your data on Teams featuring an AI dragon 
Build your own copilot for Microsoft Teams in minutes. Watch this video to see how in this demo that builds an AI Dragon that will take your team on a cyber role-playing adventure.  

Microsoft Mesh: Now available for creating innovative multi-user 3D experiences  
Microsoft Mesh is now generally available, providing an immersive 3D experience for the virtual workplace. Get an overview of Microsoft Mesh and find out how to start building your own custom experiences. 

Global AI Bootcamp 2024 
Global AI Bootcamp is a worldwide annual event that runs throughout the month of March for developers and AI enthusiasts. Learn about AI through workshops, sessions, and discussions. Find an in-person bootcamp event near you.  

C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code 
Learn how to use the C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code. Get details and download the C# Dev Kit from the Visual Studio Marketplace.   

Visual Studio Code: C# and .NET development for beginners  
Have questions about Visual Studio Code and C# Dev Kit? Watch the C# and .NET Development in VS Code for Beginners series and start writing C# applications in VS Code.   

Python Data Science Day 2024: Unleashing the Power of Python in Data Analysis 
Celebrate Pi Day (3.14) with a journey into data science with Python. Set for March 14, Python Data Science Day is an online event for developers, data scientists, students, and researchers who want to explore modern solutions for data pipelines and complex queries. 

Use GitHub Copilot for your Python coding 
Discover a better way to code in Python. Check out this free Microsoft Learn module on how GitHub Copilot provides suggestions while you code in Python. 

Remote development with Visual Studio Code 
Find out how to tap into more powerful hardware and develop on different platforms from your local machine. Check out this Microsoft Learn path to explore tools in VS Code for remote development setups and discover tips for personalizing your own remote dev workflow. 

Using GitHub Copilot with JavaScript 
Use GitHub Copilot while you work with JavaScript. This Microsoft Learn module will tell you everything you need to know to get started with this AI pair programmer.  

Get to know GitHub Copilot in VS Code and be more productive 
Get to know GitHub Copilot in VS Code and find out how to use it. Watch this video to see how incredibly easy it is to start working with GitHub Copilot…Just start coding and watch the AI go to work.  

Designing for Trust 
Learn how to design trustworthy experiences in the world of AI. Watch a demo of an AI prompt injection attack and learn about setting up guardrails to protect the system.  

Use Visual Studio for modern development 
Want to learn more about using Visual Studio to develop and test apps. Start here. In this free learning path, you’ll dig into key features for debugging, editing, and publishing your apps.   

GitHub Copilot fundamentals - Understand the AI pair programmer 
Improve developer productivity and foster innovation with GitHub Copilot. Explore the fundamentals of GitHub Copilot in this free training path from Microsoft Learn. 

Microsoft, GitHub, and DX release new research into the business ROI of investing in Developer Experience  
Investing in the developer experience has many benefits and improves business outcomes. Dive into our groundbreaking research (with data from more than 2000 developers at companies around the world) to discover what your business can gain with better DevEx.  

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