Afua Bruce at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit: “Inventing a better future”

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Afua Bruce is a leading public interest technologist, professor, founder and CEO of ANB Advisory, and author of The Tech that Comes Next. Her work spans AI ethics, equitable technology, inclusive data strategies, and STEM opportunities. We were thrilled to welcome her insights and experiences to the keynote stage at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit.


In her keynote presentation, Afua explores: 

  • How nonprofit leaders can use AI to invent a better future, and shares three pillars of leadership: leading people, leading processes, and leading technology.
  • Examples of how nonprofits have used AI to improve their hiring, communication, and decision making, and how they have created guidelines and policies for using AI responsibly and ethically.  
  • Tips on how to get started with AI—such as identifying pain points, exploring available tools, and learning with nonprofit and tech communities.  


Afua explored the theme of community-guided innovation in her earlier blog, How nonprofits can manage and lead transformation together, emphasizing that collaboration and connection are critical to how nonprofits meet the challenges and speed of AI transformation. 


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