Global Student Team’s Journey in Building Microsoft Learn Path Modules

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In the dynamic realm of technology, the dissemination of knowledge stands as a cornerstone for learners worldwide. It is at the crossroads of innovation and education where our globally diverse student team collaborates closely with esteemed Microsoft Cloud Advocates, Lee Stott and Chris Noring. Together, they embark on a mission to enrich the understanding of Microsoft-related technologies, ensuring learners can easily grasp complex concepts through engaging content, practical examples, and hands-on exercises.

About Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program:

This opportunity stems from the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (MLSA) program, offering benefits to individuals currently enrolled or graduated from the program. MLSA serves as a gateway for students to delve into Microsoft technologies, fostering a community of passionate learners keen on staying abreast of technological advancements. Under the guidance of Microsoft professionals and experts, students gain highly valuable experience and insights.


Team's Mission and Achievements:

Driven by passion and a commitment to excellence, our Student Content Developer team embarks on a journey to create impactful Microsoft Learn path modules Introduction to Azure - Training | Microsoft Learn.




With a deep understanding of learners' challenges, they craft content infused with the student voice, ensuring resonance with a global audience. Their focus? To deliver modules on "Tooling, Git and GitHub Products," "Introduction to Visual Studio Code," and "Introduction to Azure for Students" – resources designed to empower learners to learn, understand, and implement with ease.


Module Breakdown:

1) Module 1: Introduction to Azure for Students:

  • Explores the fundamental concepts of cloud computing, providing a solid foundation for learners.
  • Illustrates Azure's practical applications through relatable scenarios, making complex concepts accessible.
  • Offers a comprehensive overview of essential tools and services, streamlining the entry process into Azure's ecosystem.

2) Tooling, Git and GitHub Products:

  • Delves into the significance of version control, emphasizing its role in collaborative development projects.
  • Provides a deep understanding of Git's core principles, covering repositories, commits, branches, and merging.
  • Sheds light on GitHub as a versatile, web-based platform for collaboration and code management.
  • Clarifies the essence of GitHub Codespaces, highlighting its significant impact on modern development workflows.

3) Module 3: Introduction to Visual Studio Code:

  • Guides students in assessing Visual Studio Code's suitability for a variety of development scenarios.
  • Introduces customizable features within Visual Studio Code, empowering learners to tailor their development environments.
  • Equips students with the tools to evaluate if Visual Studio Code meets their specific programming needs effectively.


The Impact:

The team's dedication is evident in the effectiveness of these modules, tailored for learners worldwide, including those venturing into the tech world. Crafted in the voice of students, the content connects effortlessly, making technological concepts accessible and understandable in a smart and efficient manner.



We encourage you to explore and learn from the modules meticulously crafted by our student content developer team. Each module serves as a gateway to a deeper understanding of Microsoft technologies, opening doors to innovative possibilities in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting topics in our upcoming modules as we continue our mission to empower learners globally.

Meet Our Global Student Content Developer Team:

Kiran Amin Panjwani | LinkedIn

Shreyan J D Fernandes | LinkedIn

Muhammad Samiullah | LinkedIn



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