Transforming Onboarding with W365 & Viva

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Onboarding new employees is a crucial process for any organization

A Successful onboarding experience can lead to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and retention. However, research shows that many organizations struggle with providing a positive onboarding experience. According to Harvard Business Review, 50% of newly hired employees plan to leave their job soon due to poor onboarding, and only 52% of new hires feel satisfied with their onboarding experience.


Windows 365 & Viva

Windows 365 and Viva can help enable and onboard new team members quickly, establish the right networks, and connect new employees with the purpose and mission of the organization. They also provide managers with the ability to capture team sentiment and engagement feedback in real-time, enabling career growth through continuous, easy-to-find, and shareable learning content.



One of the key benefits of using Windows 365 and Viva for onboarding is the ability to accelerate the process. New hires can get access to Windows 365 before their start date, allowing them to easily get set up for their first day. They can also review Viva Goals set up by their manager, which align with the objectives of the organization and provide clarity on the mission. Additionally, new hires can easily find knowledge and content via Copilot, complete onboarding surveys, and check out Viva learning content that has been assigned to them.


Next Steps

If you're interested in learning more about how Windows 365 and Viva can transform your onboarding process, reach out to your Microsoft and KiZan account teams for more information.

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