Capacity Reservation for Specialty SKUs—now available

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Public Preview of on demand capacity reservations for Specialty SKUs for Azure Virtual Machines is now available. On demand capacity reservation would now allow you to deploy and manage the compute capacity required to run Azure VMs on below specialty SKUs:

  • Mv3 series
  • NC-series, v3 and newer
  • NV-series, v2 and newer
  • Lsv2 series


You can now get capacity SLA when reserving capacity for these specialty SKUs using On Demand Capacity Reservations. Existing capabilities will apply to specialty SKUs as well for On Demand capacity reservation. For example, unused reserved capacity and Virtual Machines using reserved capacity are both eligible for Azure Reserved Virtual Machine Instance term discounts.


Existing and Future capabilities:


For the above mentioned additional supported series for N, at VM deployment, Fault Domain (FD) count of 1 can be set using Virtual Machines Scale Sets. A deployment with more than 1 will fail to deploy against a Capacity Reservation. FD>1 will be supported at future release.


The VM deployment methods supported with on demand capacity reservations for specialty SKUs are single VMs and Virtual Machine Scale Sets using uniform orchestration mode. Virtual Machine Scale Sets flexible orchestration mode is in public preview. Please read the documentation to learn more.


Resources to get started

There are two demonstration videos currently available:

Additionally, you can read the on demand capacity reservation documentation that includes sample code.


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