Assign an existing User-Assigned Managed Identity to VM from another subscription using Azure Policy

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Azure provides a comprehensive list of built-in policy definitions (grouped by the category property defined in the metadata) which are owned and maintained by Microsoft (where the azure-policy repository contains the direct representation of these).


Built-in policy definitions usually cover a specific scenario although some flexibility might be provided through parameters that can be configured. However, customers might have specific needs not covered by an available built-in policy definition and a custom policy definition might be needed.


As a rule of thumb, if there is a built-in policy definition that covers part of a scenario, a custom policy definition can be created based on it introducing the necessary modifications.


Let’s take into consideration the [Preview]: Assign Built-In User-Assigned Managed Identity to Virtual Machines built-in policy definition that creates and assigns a built-in user-assigned managed identity or assigns a pre-created user-assigned managed identity at scale to virtual machines. This currently provides the user-assigned managed identity name and resource group name as parameters expecting that it is on the same subscription as the virtual machine resource. However, in a scenario where the pre-created user-assigned managed identity exists in a different subscription from the virtual machine resource, a custom policy definition is required.


Before creating a custom policy, it is worth checking both the Azure Policy Samples as well as the Community Policy Repository to see whether a policy definition that matches your needs already exists. Coming back to the user-assigned managed identity assignment to virtual machines where the pre-created user-assigned managed identity exists in a different subscription from the virtual machine resource scenario, a custom policy definition is available here where the user assigned managed identity resource URI (which contains the subscription ID) is provided as a parameter.

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