Skilling snack: Copilot in Windows for IT admins

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Are you and your organization ready for an everyday AI companion in Windows?[1] Let's get you caught up and set up for a lot more innovation and productivity in the coming months. Here are some definitions, commonly asked questions, and management tips you need to know as an IT admin. Feel free to share this documentation and videos across your company to make the most of Windows 11.

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Copilot in Windows

Start here to learn about Copilot in Windows. Enable commercial data protection and manage Copilot in Windows with the tools you're already using.

(1 mins)

Copilot + Windows + Intune + Group Policy + M365 Admin Center + Entra ID + Data + Privacy


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Copilot in Windows FAQ

Change Windows settings, summarize a web page, or open a relevant app. What else can you do with Copilot in Windows? Get answers to commonly asked questions on use cases and availability.

(3 mins)

Copilot + Windows + Productivity + Requirements + Availability + Windows 10 + Preview



Manage Copilot in Windows

Copilot in Windows is your centralized generative AI assistance on the desktop. Learn how to configure it for your commercial environment. Compare and configure different chat provider platforms. Review various settings and policies, as well as Microsoft's commitment to responsible AI.

(15 mins)

Windows + CSP + Group Policy + Graph + Privacy + M365 + Entra ID + PowerShell + WU + WSUS + WUfB + CFR + Bing + Edge + Search + Account + RAI


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WindowsAI Policy CSP

Review available policies related to AI and Windows. Please note that some of them are available for Windows Insider Preview builds.

(2 mins)

CSP + Group Policy + WIP + Windows AI + Copilot + Windows 11 + Windows 10



Get started with Copilot in Windows 11

Copilot in Windows is currently in preview. It helps everyone at your organization get answers and inspiration from across the web, collaborate, get creative, and focus on the task at hand. Let us show you how to get started, how it works, and share some prompt ideas.

(3 mins)

Copilot + Windows 11 + Windows Update + Settings + MSA + Prompt + GenAI



Copilot in Windows: common questions

Explore common questions about data and privacy to help your organization use Copilot in Windows with certainty. Learn to distinguish between different copilot experiences in Windows 11 and how to manage them for enterprise and information worker scenarios. Get answers and real tips.

(20 mins)

Windows 11 + Data + Privacy + M365 + Bing Chat + MS Graph + Policies + Information Workers


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Manage Copilot (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise)

Microsoft Copilot is formerly known as Bing Chat enterprise. In this short overview, review commercial data protection eligibility for enterprise and education scenarios. Learn how to manage commercial data protection using your service plan and some original subscriptions. Follow guidance to require commercial data protection in Copilot.

(5 mins)

Bing + Entra ID + M365 + DNS + DNAT


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Microsoft Copilot improvements for Windows 11

Check out the latest summary of Microsoft Copilot innovations, including Copilot in Windows. Specifically, read about new plugins, new skills, new creativity app updates, and accessibility by default. For Windows skills, simplify a dozen of everyday workflows involving settings, accessibility, and device information.

(8 mins)

Copilot + Windows 11 + Plugins + Clipchamp + Skills + Accessibility + Settings + Voice + Autopatch + CFR

What's your experience with Copilot in Windows so far? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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[1] Copilot in Windows (in preview) is available in select global markets and will be rolled out to additional markets over time. Learn more.

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