9 More Realistic AI Voices for Conversations Now Generally Available

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By Peter Pan, Gang Wang, Xi Wang, Lihui Wang, Yufei Liu, Zheng Niu, Jun-Wei Gan, Yan Deng, Garfield He, Nick Zhao, Lei He, Binggong Ding, Sheng Zhao, Suhrid Palsule, Shubham Bansal, Naman Joshi, Arijit Mukherjee and Vikas Joshi




Microsoft is always finding new ways to use AI to increase creativity, productivity, and skills. With the advent of high-quality, human-like AI voices, industries and applications are being transformed, making it easier and more natural to interact with devices and services.


Now, in human-bot conversational interactions, AI can produce more natural, fluent, and high-quality responses than ever before with the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as Azure OpenAI GPT. Consequently, when engaging in verbal conversations, the demand for naturalness and expressiveness in Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices is higher than ever.


Today, we are excited to announce that 9 new realistic voices are generally available which gives you better choices and variety for business scenarios using conversation. The new realistic voices are perfect matches for any application necessitating lifelike speech interactions, including chatbots, voice assistants, gaming, e-learning, entertainment, and more. For example, for voice agent scenario, Yellow.AI uses Ava voice for the customer support.


Presently, all the new multilingual voices including recent public preview update are characterized by a more conversational style, stemming from diverse primary languages. This expansion broadens our capacity to articulate content across 91 languages and their variants. This advancement underscores our steadfast commitment to surmounting language barriers and promoting a more inclusive and accessible global communication landscape.


Meet new GA voices available today in all regions: en-US-AvaMultilingualNeural, en-US-AndrewMultilingualNeural, en-US-EmmaMultilingualNeural, en-US-BrianMultilingualNeural, De-DE-FlorianMultilingualNeural, De-DE-SeraphinaMultilingualNeural, Fr-FR-RemyMultilingualNeural, Fr-FR-VivienneMultilingualNeural and zh-CN-XiaoxiaoMultiligualNeural, learn more about our update below.


Examples of more realistic voices

Whether you are creating a speech-based chatbot, a voice assistant, or a conversational agent, these new voices will ensure your interactions are more realistic, lifelike, and engaging. Compared to the voices designed for general purpose, conversation-optimized voices sound more natural and engaging when reading conversational and casual text. Plus, they even include interjections like laughter and filled pauses that add a human touch to your virtual conversations.


Voices optimized for life-like conversations

Existing voices designed for general purpose

Ava, Andrew, Emma and Brain

Aria and Guy


More examples of GA voices

Please note that the provided samples only a selection of languages. You can also visit ai.azure.com to listen the demo in all languages from Voice gallery or experiment with your own texts using the Audio content creator.



Script + Audio


(Female): bright, engaging female voice with a beautiful tone




Yes, it is a big achievement to be accepted into the Microsoft Startup Programs. The program has specific requirements that startups must meet in order to qualify, so being accepted means that your startup meets those requirements and has been recognized for its potential. Congratulations again!



Find comfort in the stillness, feeling the earth's energy beneath you. With each inhale, draw in strength and stability; with each exhale, release what no longer serves you. You are grounded, centered, and at peace.



In a groundbreaking development, a team of international scientists has successfully deployed an artificial reef structure that supports coral growth, offering a new ray of hope for endangered marine life.



In the garden of life, every rose has its dawn,

Petals strewn on the paths we've drawn.

Thorns may prick, under the sun's keen light,

Yet, blooms stand proud, amidst the plight.

en-US-AndrewMultilingualNeural (Male): warm, engaging male voice that sounds like someone you want to know.



Savor the journey with Wanderlust Backpacks, your ultimate travel companion. Engineered for the modern nomad, our backpacks feature ergonomic design, built-in solar chargers, and a GPS tracker to keep your adventures on course. Wherever you roam, Wanderlust carries your world with ease.



Winnebago Industries is a company that manufactures motor homes, travel trailers, and other recreational vehicles. Its stock ticker symbol is WGO and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.



The crack of the bat echoes like a thunderclap, and the ball soars high into the summer sky. Murphy rounds the bases as if powered by the cheers of the crowd. In the stands, hats fly, children scream in delight, and the old-timers nod in respect. It's a home run that will be replayed in dreams and tales for years to come.



Waves crashed against the lighthouse, where old Captain Grey kept watch. "Will the storm ever end?" he bellowed into the tempest, his voice laced with defiance. The thunder roared back, a deep and powerful sound that promised, "All storms bow to time, and this too shall pass."

en-US-EmmaMultilingualNeural (Female) :  friendly, light-hearted, and pleasant female voice that works well for education and explanations.



Yes, it is a big achievement to be accepted into the Microsoft Startup Programs. The program has specific requirements that startups must meet in order to qualify, so being accepted means that your startup meets those requirements and has been recognized for its potential. Congratulations again!



Today's lesson takes us on a journey through the cosmos. We'll explore the stars and planets, learning how they move and shine. Each one tells a story, and together, we'll unravel the mysteries of the universe.



Amidst a historic labor movement, employees at one of the world's largest gig economy platforms have achieved a landmark victory, securing minimum wage guarantees and benefits after a unanimous vote.

en-US-BrianMultilingualNeural (Male): youthful, cheerful, and versatile voice well-suited to a wide variety of contexts.



Envelope yourself in luxury with Silk Haven bedding. Our sheets, woven from the finest threads and infused with soothing aloe, turn sleep into an exquisite experience. Drift away in the soft embrace of Silk Haven, where dreams are just the beginning.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is a fund that provides short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work because of illness, maternity or adoption leave. PAYE is a tax system used to collect income tax from employees. I hope that helps!

Conversation with disfluencies

I was, uh, driving down the interstate, and this, this huge truck just came out of nowhere. It was so close, I mean, I literally had to, to swerve to the, to the—oh, what do you call it—the shoulder! Yeah, and I, well, I almost hit the barrier.



Custom Service



Ein Abonnent eines Kabelfernsehsenders in Stuttgart erhielt eine hohe Rechnung für einen Dienst, den er nicht abonniert hatte. Trotz mehrerer Versuche, das Problem telefonisch zu lösen, blieb der Abrechnungsfehler bestehen, sodass der Kunde frustriert war und eine schnelle Lösung und Rückerstattung forderte.




In einer Welt, die ständig in Bewegung ist, wird ein gesunder Lebensstil immer wichtiger, um das eigene Wohlbefinden zu fördern. Erfahren Sie mehr über einige grundlegende Prinzipien, die Ihnen helfen können, einen gesunden Lebensstil zu pflegen und Ihr Leben in eine Richtung der Vitalität zu lenken.




Tauchen Sie ein in eine Welt der Entspannung und Erholung in unserem exklusiven Wellness-Spa. Genießen Sie luxuriöse Behandlungen, von Massagen bis hin zu Gesichtsanwendungen, und lassen Sie den Alltagsstress hinter sich. Gönnen Sie sich eine Auszeit und verwöhnen Sie Körper und Geist!



Custom Service



Ein Kunde aus Hamburg wurde von einem Supportmitarbeiter unhöflich behandelt, als er Hilfe bei einem Abrechnungsproblem suchte. Er fühlte sich respektlos und verlangte eine Entschuldigung und die Zusicherung, dass das Personal besser geschult werde, um ähnliche Vorfälle zu verhindern.




Stellen Sie sich ein goldenes Licht vor, das Sie umgibt und dessen Wärme heilsam und beruhigend wirkt. Erlauben Sie diesem Licht, Sie von innen zu erfüllen, jegliche Dunkelheit aufzulösen und jede Zelle mit Ruhe zu erfüllen. Sie sind ein Leuchtfeuer der Gelassenheit.




In städtischen Zentren gewinnen Graswurzelbewegungen an Fahrt, um die Plastikverschmutzung anzugehen. Bürger organisieren Reinigungsaktionen entlang der Strände und öffentlicher Plätze und sensibilisieren für die schädlichen Auswirkungen von Einwegplastik. Gleichzeitig setzen Unternehmen auf umweltfreundliche Alternativen, was zu einer Reduzierung des Plastikmülls beiträgt.






Des projets de renouvellement urbain transforment les quartiers défavorisés en espaces revitalisés. Ces projets n'incluent pas seulement le développement immobilier, mais intègrent également des espaces verts, des installations culturelles et des opportunités économiques pour favoriser une vie communautaire florissante.

Custom Service


En tant que client, vous êtes au cœur de tout ce que nous faisons, c'est pourquoi nous sommes toujours là pour vous écouter et vous soutenir. Que vous ayez des questions, des préoccupations ou des commentaires, nous sommes là pour vous aider de toutes les manières possibles. Votre satisfaction est notre plus grande récompense, et nous ferons tout notre possible pour vous offrir un service client exceptionnel à chaque interaction.




Découvrez une vie plus savoureuse avec nos produits ! De la première bouchée jusqu'à la dernière gorgée, chaque instant est une célébration de saveurs exquises et d'expériences culinaires inoubliables. Laissez-vous emporter par la délicieuse sensation de satisfaction à chaque fois que vous choisissez nos produits !



Custom Service



Chez nous, le service client ne se limite pas à la résolution des problèmes, mais à la création de relations durables. Nous vous accueillons chaleureusement à chaque interaction et nous efforçons de dépasser vos attentes à chaque étape du processus. Notre objectif est de vous offrir une expérience client exceptionnelle qui vous incitera à revenir encore et encore.




Libérez votre potentiel avec notre programme de remise en forme ! Chaque séance d'entraînement est une étape vers une version plus forte, plus saine et plus confiante de vous-même. Ressentez l'énergie et la vitalité circuler à travers votre corps à chaque mouvement. Préparez-vous à dépasser vos limites et à atteindre de nouveaux sommets de bien-être !




À l'heure où la protection de l'environnement devient une priorité mondiale, des gestes simples au quotidien peuvent avoir un impact significatif. Voici quelques initiatives accessibles à tous pour contribuer à la préservation de notre planète.









Examples of the new multilingual voice in some languages

Please note that the provided samples only a selection of languages. You can also visit ai.azure.com to listen the demo in all languages from Voice gallery or experiment with your own texts using the Audio content creator.



Locale (s)

Script + Audio

ja-JP-MasaruMultiligual (Male)



(Primary locale)




Pandan ist eine krautige Pflanze aus den tropischen Regionen, die als Gewürz in der Küche Südostasiens wie in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapur und den Philippinen verwendet wird, insbesondere in süßen Desserts.



Il pandan è una pianta erbacea delle regioni tropicali utilizzata come pezia nella cucina del sud-est asiatico come in Vietnam, Thailandia, Malesia, Singapore e Filippine, soprattutto nei dolci.



El pandan es una planta herbácea de las regiones tropicales utilizada como especia en la cocina del sudeste asiático como en Vietnam, Tailandia, Malasia, Singapur y Filipinas, especialmente en postres dulces.





Additional updates

  • En-US-RyanMultilingual is GA on all regions.
  • En-US-JennyMultilingualV2 is GA on all regions, merged with en-US-JennyMultilingual.
  • Preview available for updated en-IN-NeerjaNeural and hi-IN-SwaraNeural with 3 new styles in East US, West Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Preview available for new female voices in Central India: en-IN-KavyaNeural, en-IN-AnanyaNeural, en-IN-AashiNeural, hi-IN-KavyaNeural, hi-IN-AnanyaNeural.

Get started

Microsoft offers over 400 neural voices covering more than 140 languages and locales. With these Text-to-Speech voices, you can quickly add read-aloud functionality for a more accessible app design or give a voice to chatbots to provide a richer conversational experience to your users. In addition, with the Custom Neural Voice capability, you can easily create a brand voice for your business.


Visit ai.azure.com, you now have the capability to listen the demo from Voice gallery or activate the Speech feature in ChatGPT Playground. This enhancement facilitates seamless audio testing, offering a refined and more authentic conversational experience for integration into your bot application.


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