Microsoft Priva announces new solutions to help modernize your privacy program

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We know managing privacy is harder than ever. The increasing complexity of regulatory requirements and constantly changing regulations make day-to-day privacy management a challenge. Manual, inefficient processes and inflexible tools can make it difficult for organizations to know where data is located and how it’s being used. The Microsoft Priva product portfolio helps organizations meet these challenges and their existing and emerging regulatory obligations.

This week, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Microsoft Priva family of products. Microsoft Priva was introduced in 2021 to help organizations navigate the complex world of privacy operations. The expansion of Microsoft Priva brings automated capabilities to help organizations meet adapting privacy requirements related to personal data.

Microsoft Priva

Protect personal data, automate risk mitigation, and manage subject rights requests at scale.

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“Understanding and managing privacy is crucial for our clients. Exponential flows of sensitive data and emerging technologies such as generative AI have amplified the need for a strong privacy solution; we are confident in Microsoft’s vision to take on this challenge with Microsoft Priva. The richness of data and activities in Microsoft 365 and Priva’s ability to monitor and action on related workflows allows for a proactive approach to privacy. This capability aligns with our commitment to privacy and data protection, reinforcing our partnership with Microsoft to serve our global clients with solutions that address their privacy management needs.”

—Jon Kessler, Vice President, Information Governance, Epiq Legal Solutions

What will the Priva family address?

In today’s digital landscape, people’s awareness of data privacy has surged to unprecedented levels. Individuals are increasingly aware of the intricate web of data points that define their online existence and how their data is collected and used. This has prompted a collective call for the safeguarding of personal information from unwarranted intrusions and establishing ways for people to take control of their personal data. The public has become more discerning about the need for stringent measures to protect their sensitive data and keep it private. The heightened awareness surrounding individual data privacy rights is not merely a fleeting trend—it’s a fundamental shift in the way society perceives and values the sanctity of personal information.

In response to this evolving landscape, the need to build and maintain customer trust has never been more pronounced. Privacy solutions have emerged to empower organizations to establish transparent and ethical data practices. Building customer trust is about a commitment to empowering individuals to have control over their own data.

Robust privacy solutions are essential for regulatory adherence and in cultivating a culture of transparency, accountability, and respect for user privacy. By embracing more robust privacy solutions, organizations not only fortify their defenses, but they also embark on a journey to forge enduring relationships with their customers—relationships based on mutual trust and data integrity. Beyond regulatory compliance, organizations should use transparent data practices to gain deeper insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and trends. This managed data can become a strategic asset—enabling more informed decision-making, delivering targeted marketing to customers who’ve consent to receive it, and developing personalized services. Prioritizing privacy is not just a legal necessity but a pathway to extracting meaningful and sustainable value from the wealth of data at an organization’s disposal.

Microsoft Priva is here to help your organization meet privacy and compliance requirements

Organizations must mitigate risk for privacy non-compliance and be ready for new and emerging regulations. They need an end-to-end solution that helps them oversee and establish privacy protocols across their entire organization. Microsoft Priva solutions support privacy operations across entire data estates—paving quick and cost-effective paths to meet privacy regulations and avoid the risks of non-compliance. With the Microsoft Priva family, organizations can automate the management, definition, and tracking of privacy procedures at scale to ensure personal data stays private, secure, and compliant with regulations. Let’s take a quick look at each member of the family.

Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments

Build the foundation of your privacy posture with Microsoft Priva Privacy Assessments—a solution that automates the discovery, documentation, and evaluation of personal data use across your entire data estate. Automate privacy assessments and build a complete compliance record for the responsible use of personal data. Embed your custom privacy risk framework into each assessment to programmatically identify the factors contributing to privacy risk. Lower organizational risk and build trust with your data subjects. Priva Privacy Assessments help at any stage of the privacy journey, enabling you to fully utilize your company’s data while ensuring its proper use.

Key features

  • Automate the creation of privacy assessments: Discover and document personal data usage across your data estate through easily created custom assessments.
  • Monitor personal data usage: Automate monitoring for changes in data processing activities that require privacy compliance actions.
  • Evaluate privacy risks: Design a personalized privacy risk framework and use automated risk analysis based on the data usage information obtained from a privacy assessment.

Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management

Microsoft Priva Privacy Risk Management is here to empower you to simplify the identification of unstructured personal data usage. Priva Privacy Risk Management enables you to automate risk mitigation through easily definable policies that conform to your specific needs. It can also help you build a privacy-resilient workplace by identifying personal data and critical privacy risks around it, automating risk mitigation to prevent privacy incidents, and empowering employees to make smart data handling decisions.

Key features

  • Identify personal data and critical privacy risks: Gain visibility into your personal data and associated privacy risks arising from overexposure, hoarding, and transfers with automated data discovery, user mapping intelligence, and correlated signals.
  • Automate risk mitigation and prevent privacy incidents: Effectively mitigate privacy risks and prevent privacy incidents with automated policies and recommended user actions.
  • Empower employees to make smart data handling decisions: Foster a proactive privacy culture by increasing awareness of and accountability towards privacy risks without hindering employee productivity.

Microsoft Priva Tracker Scanning

With data privacy regulation laws surrounding tracking technologies continuously evolving—and fines for non-compliance exponentially increasing—organizations need a platform that enables them to avoid risk and standardize tracking compliance at scale. Microsoft Priva Tracker Scanning empowers organizations to automate the discovery and categorization of tracking technologies—including cookies, pixels, and beacons—across all their websites. With Priva Tracker Scanning, organizations can remediate risks for tracker non-compliance, effectively monitor website compliance, and easily address compliance issues. Priva Tracker Scanning enables your organization to embolden your privacy posture for maximum control and visibility.

Key features

  • Register and scan web domains: Automate scans for various forms of trackers—empowering you to quickly identify and categorize all tracking technologies on your websites.
  • Evaluate and manage web trackers: Use flexible scan configurations to easily identify missing compliance elements across your websites.
  • Streamline compliance reporting: Scan for areas of non-compliance and monitor compliance issues throughout the lifecycle of websites.

Gain better value from your user-consented data and meet today’s most challenging data privacy regulations with an approach to streamlining consent management and consented data usage. Built by harnessing Microsoft’s extensive experience and expertise in privacy operations, Microsoft Priva Consent Management provides a solution for bolstering your organization’s personal data consent management and publishing capabilities in a simplified and streamlined manner.

Key features

  • Create customizable and regulatory-compliant consent models: Quickly author dynamic consent models using prebuilt templates for easy deployment.
  • Streamline the deployment of consent models: Use a centralized process to publish consent models at scale to multiple regions.
  • Organization specific layouts: Create on-brand layouts for consent models that conform to changing business needs.

Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests

With personal data often distributed across multiple environments, organizations need a solution that enables them to fulfill and manage subject rights requests across their entire data estate for maximum visibility. Crafted from Microsoft’s extensive experience and expertise in data privacy operations, Microsoft Priva Subject Rights Requests is a next-generation privacy solution that enables organizations to automate the fulfillment of subject rights requests across their on-premises, hybrid, and multicloud environments. With Priva Subject Rights Request, organizations can manage the access, deletion, and export of subject rights requests across their entire data landscape. to help build trust with customers.

Key features

  • Efficiently manage subject rights requests: Streamline the fulfillment of subject rights request tasks using configurable settings within your workflows, providing end-to-end oversight of subject rights request operations.
  • Discover personal data across various data types and locations: Discover and manage subject rights requests across multicloud data estates, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, and third-party data sources like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and more.
  • Create low-code data agents to automate task fulfillment: Create low-code agents to automatically find and fulfill personal data requests using Microsoft Power Automate.

Learn more about new Priva capabilities at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit

From April 2 to 5, 2024, the world’s largest forum for exploring privacy and data protection law, regulation, policy, management, and operations takes place in Washington, D.C. The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Summit is a key event for information privacy professionals to learn about innovative solutions and expand your privacy and data protection network. Microsoft will have a strong presence with a spotlight feature, breakout sessions, and networking events. Check the agenda for times and locations for these events and more:

Spotlight stage: Microsoft Priva Privacy—Paul Brightmore, Head of Product for Microsoft Privacy, and Terrell Cox, Vice President (VP) of Privacy Engineering at Microsoft, will be featured on the spotlight stage sharing about Microsoft Priva privacy solutions.

Breakout session: Managing Privacy at Scale—Explore how large organizations keep pace with today’s privacy obligations, share strategies and tools available to manage privacy at scale, and share updates on the latest privacy governance tools. Get insight into the emerging role of AI in managing privacy.

Mainstage session: Regulator’s Agenda—Shifting Priorities and Practices—Julie Brill, Chief Privacy Officer, Corporate VP, Global Privacy, Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Microsoft, moderates this discussion where you’ll learn the top priorities of privacy authorities, understand how AI governance factors into the Data Protection Authorities’ 2024 plans, and review lessons learned from recent privacy enforcement actions.

VIP reception—Microsoft is hosting this event to bring privacy experts together on April 3, 2024. This event promises an engaging showcase of Priva demonstrations, enriching conversations, and valuable insights within the field of privacy. 

CDT Spring Fling—Microsoft is the lead sponsor of this reception organized in partnership with the Center for Democracy in Technology. The event includes a panel discussion on AI as a catalyst for ushering in the next era of data governance. Julie Brill, Chief Privacy Officer, Corporate VP, Global Privacy, Safety and Regulatory Affairs at Microsoft, will be speaking on this panel.

LGBTQ+ Allies After Party—Registration and tickets are required in advance for this Wednesday, April 3, 2024, afterparty at Pitchers. We hope to see you there.

Optimize your privacy operations today, and streamline compliance adherence

Thanks for taking the time to get to know the members of the Microsoft Priva suite of products. We’re so excited to continue to be your trusted partner in helping you meet your privacy and compliance regulations. Please check in on the Priva family from time to time to stay informed about our products.

Interested in learning more now? Head over to the Microsoft Priva homepage. To get a deeper dive into our product capabilities, read our Tech Community post or watch our video.

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