🌟Using Copilot to Catch Up and Get Started with Work 🌟

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:glowing_star:Copilot Prompts

  • Copilot in Teams: “ Summarize my mails, teams messages and channel messages from the last working day. List action items in a dedicated column. Suggest follow-ups if possible to a dedicated column. The table should look like this: Type (Mail/Teams/meetings/Channel) | Topic | Summarization | Action item | Follow-up. If I have been directly mentioned, make the font of the topic bold” 
  • Teams: “What questions can I ask of this meeting” 
  • Copilot in the Browser viewing PDF: “Give me a summary of this document”, “Give me more details about xyx”, “Are there any peer reviewed articles on this topic?” 
  • Word: “Create a organizational case study about xyx based on this document <select document>” 
  • PowerPoint: “ Create a presentation based on this document <select document>”, “Add a page about xyz to this deck” 

*Prompts and videos are for informational purposes only. 



  • In the browser type in  
    • Word.new - to open a new Word document from the browser 
    • PPT.new - to open a new Word document from the browser 
    • Excel.new - to open a new Excel document from the browser 
  • In PowerPoint 
    • Select a slide and click the Designer button under the Home tab to change the look and feel of a slide 

To see all HLS Copilot Workflows videos click here. 

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