InspirAItion – Em Fackler, Chief Information and Operations Officer at IRC

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Em Fackler is Chief Information and Operations Officer at International Rescue Committee (IRC), an organization that is dedicated to helping people whose lives and livelihoods have been shattered by conflict, disaster, and the climate crisis. As millions of people face displacement around the world, their work is critical – and ever-increasing. Em Fackler shares how their organization is serving their global clients using Signpost, their community-led information service that helps people find the resources and support they need in times of crisis.


Em walks us through the experience of a displaced person and the challenges they face to find transportation, food, housing, and security for their families after a disaster or during conflict. Signpost aims to provide accurate, accessible, and timely information to people in these vulnerable moments by serving as “digital help centers.” Given the breadth and global scale of IRC’s mission and the people they serve, Signpost uses a scalable, collaborative approach that brings together an open consortium of organizations for community-led solutions. It has already reached 79 million people across 20 countries and operates in 25 languages. AI is a key part of their strategy to scale services to people around the world.


Key video topics summarized by Microsoft Copilot:

  • IRC's growth and technology: The IRC's CIO Em Fackler shared how the organization has grown and improved its technology infrastructure to support its staff and operations in over 50 crisis-affected countries. (Video timestamp: 1:49) 
  • Signpost platform: The IRC's CIO introduced Signpost, a community-led information service that empowers displaced people to access and share critical information through digital tools and channels. (5:27) 
  • AI potential: The IRC's CIO expressed her belief in the role of AI to enhance Signpost's features and capabilities, such as providing localized content, filling out legal forms, and generating relevant information. (10:04)



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