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Image with text "Challenge"Image with text "Challenge"

Register for the VS Code Day Skills Challenge! Whether you're just starting or looking to change your career, this program is designed for you to get to know VS Code and GitHub Copilot in different career areas like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and much more! With easy-to-follow lessons, exercises, and live workshops, learn what's new in VS Code. Register now and discover the world of opportunities offered by VS Code at: https://aka.ms/VSCodeDayChallenge!


VS Code Day is our annual event where you'll learn how to elevate your development workflow with the latest and greatest features of VS Code. This year, we’re excited to delve into AI and you’ll hear from the VS Code team and other industry experts on topics like AI-powered programming with GitHub Copilot, building and deploying generative AI apps to the cloud, enhancing the C# development experience, and more!


Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced developer, join us on April 24th, 2024 for a day focused on the editor that lets you code anything, cross-platform and free!

Image with text "Acknowledgements"Image with text "Acknowledgements"
By completing the 11 modules in this challenge you will be able to earn a badge in your Microsoft Learn profile! Stay tuned for more information on social media and on this blog - we'll share more about this #VSCodeDay's events!
IMPORTANT!: Your badge will be added to your Microsoft Learn profile within 1 week of the challenge end date.
Image text "Frecuently Asked Questions"Image text "Frecuently Asked Questions"
  • When does this challenge start and end? It starts on April 24, 2024 and ends on May 17, 2024.
  • How much experience do I need? Just basic programming skills.
  • How much time should I dedicate to it per day? It is designed for you to learn according to your needs and available time, remember that you have to complete it by May 17.
  • Prerequisites: None.
  • Is there a cost to participate in this challenge? There is no cost
image with text "sessions and live-workshops"image with text "sessions and live-workshops"

Get ready to find out what's new in VS Code with our livestream series! It will be full of tips, tricks, and practical exercises to help you with your personal and professional projects. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your skills, this is a must-see event for anyone interested in programming.


To register for all these #VSCodeDay sessions, visit here: (aka.ms/VSCodeDay)! It starts on April 24 from 11 am to 6 pm (GMT-6)*.


Live session Speaker(s) Social Media
Keynote: View Source: What gets into VS Code and why Burke Holland @burkeholland

JavaScript developers: Build fast and have fun with VS Code and Azure AI CLI

Natalia Venditto @anfibiacreativa 
Generating Synthetic Datasets with GitHub Copilot Alfredo Deza Alfredo Deza on LinkedIn
Real-World Development with VS Code and C# Scott Hanselman + Leslie Richardson @shanselman +@lyrichardson01 
Building a RAG-powered AI chat app with Python and VS Code Pamela Fox @pamelafox
Beyond the Editor: Tips to get the Most out of GitHub Copilot Kedasha Kerr


LangChain Examples with Azure OpenAI Service + VS Code Rishab Kumar @rishabincloud
AI Made Clear: Practical AI Coding Sessions in VS Code Bruno Capuano @elbruno
Asking Copilot about your workspace Matt Bierner @mattbierner


Image with text "Share your experience!"Image with text "Share your experience!"

If you've used VS Code before, please let us know in the comments about your experience: your favorite extensions, your favorite sessions during the livestreams, and even if it's the first time you've heard about VS Code!



abrilurena_1-1712300727607.gif We'd love to hear your favorite/funny stories from the times you've coded in VS Code!


abrilurena_0-1712300715565.png Tag us on social media using the following hashtag: #VSCodeDayCSC


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