InfVerif Error Code 1199

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HDC incorporates new capability to verify the usage of unsupported syntax for a particular DDInstall section with InfVerif error code 1199.

This error reports the usage of unsupported syntax for a particular DDInstall section to prevent the driver from installing on product versions where it will not function properly.  

The impacted DDInstall section will install on product versions that do not support the specified syntax. A build number should be added to the Models section to limit applicability of the DDInstall to only supported product versions.

To aid with this error, a new infverif output mode has been introduced to the command line infverif.exe available in the WDK. This new mode will report all syntax used in the INF and what the minimum applicable OS for that syntax is. It can be invoked with: infverif.exe /syntax <filename>.inf 

Infverif Error Message:
The syntax '<value>' was introduced in OS version <MajorVersion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber> but DDInstall sections utilizing the syntax will install on earlier OS versions. Those DDInstall sections should be restricted to only install on <MajorVersion>.<MinorVersion>.<BuildNumber> or higher using a TargetOSVersion decoration.

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