Part 3 – Babylon.js 7.0: One incredible community

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Babylon.js is powered and supported by one of the most incredible open source communities in the world. Over 500 people from across the globe have contributed to making it one of the most powerful, beautiful, simple, and open web rendering engines out there. With Babylon.js 7.0, this community continues to shine bright, by adding some incredible new features and extensions to this passionately shared and nurtured platform.

The Greased Line

Built right into the core engine, the new Greased Line system unlocks some exciting new possibilities for web creators. This new special type of line is built using the mesh system to display lines of any specified width. The extra sprinkling of non-trademarked fantasy dust is that these lines are equipped with a special shader that allows the line to always face the camera so they can be viewed consistently no matter where the camera moves to. See it in action: Learn more:

Advanced Ground Projection

This one is honestly just too cool to put into words, but we’ll do our best. Imagine taking a 360 skybox/environment and then magically transforming the lower half into a “fake” ground that seems to support the 3D objects in your scene. This illusion provides a perfectly smooth transition from the ground to the sky within your scene. Sound like wizardry? Well what are you waiting for? Check it out! See it in action: Learn more:

 Seamless Texture Decals

Introduced with Babylon.js 6.0, texture decals offered a powerful new option of projecting images onto an existing texture of a 3D object in your scene. With Babylon.js 7.0, that same system is given superpowers by allowing the decals to seamlessly map across UV boundaries! That means that no matter how pretty or less-pretty your UV layout might be, decals will work perfectly on any 3D object! Check it out: Learn more:

MMD Support Community Extension

This exciting extension to Babylon.js 7.0 offers creators the ability to import 3D assets and animations from the popular 3D Creation Software: MikuMikuDance or MMD for short. In addition to loading assets and animations, it also has support for IK solvers, a morph system, synced audio playback, player controls, and much much more. Check it out: Learn more here:

Thank You

With each evolution of Babylon.js comes a revolution in web rendering technology and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. The Babylon platform simply wouldn’t be possible without the incredible community of developers, the 500+ contributors, and the steadfast advocates that contribute their knowledge, expertise, help, and passion to this amazing technology. “Thank you” to each one of you for all that you do to help make Babylon.js one of the most powerful, beautiful, simple, and open web rendering platforms in the world.

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