MVP’s Favorite Content: Defender, Learn, Windows, Blockchain

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In this blog series dedicated to Microsoft's technical articles, we'll highlight our MVPs' favorite article along with their personal insights.


Joey Verlinden, Security MVP, Netherlands

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Onboard non-Azure machines with Defender for Endpoint - Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Microsoft Learn

“Onboarding defender can be done via many different methods. For example, when hosting a hybrid environment with on-prem servers. This can be done very easily via Defender for Cloud and Azure ARC. When done correctly this is a Set and Forget thing!”

*Relevant Blog: Onboard Windows servers to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint using Defender for Cloud - Joey Verlinden


Sergio Parra Guerra, Microsoft Azure MVP, Spain

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Microsoft Learn: Build skills that open doors in your career

“Of course, all of Microsoft’s product documentation is at your fingertips. I have it in My Favorites.”

(In Spanish: Por supuesto, toda la documentación de los productos de Microsoft al alcance de la mano. Lo tengo en Mis Favoritos.)


Maison da Silva, Windows and Devices MVP, Brazil

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Add an update to Windows RE | Microsoft Learn

“The script below is designed to increase the size of the Windows recovery partition, enabling successful updating of the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE). It's recommended to have at least 250 MB of free space in the recovery partition for the successful installation of WinRE updates. In cases where the device lacks sufficient free space, this script can be used to extend the recovery partition by 250 MB, ensuring that the update process completes successfully."

*Relevant Blog: Estendendo a Partição do Windows RE via Script para Corrigir o Erro 0x80070643 na Atualização KB5034441 do Windows 10 – Maison da Silva


Tso Kar Ho, Microsoft Azure MVP, Hong Kong SAR

MVP Ejoe Tso.jpg

microsoft/azure-blockchain-connector: Secures Ethereum-like applications (Parity, Quorum, etc) JRPC endpoint with HTTPS and authentications. (

"Anyone seeking to secure their blockchain applications should check out the azure-blockchain-connector repository, as I, a Microsoft MVP, highly recommend. To blockchain nodes similar to Ethereum that use JSON-RPC as their API, this open-source project enables developers to add authentication and HTTPS.


Secure HTTPS call authentication using Azure Active Directory is possible by enclosing JSON-RPC in a basic Go proxy server. This safeguards your blockchain network against manipulation and unauthorised access. You can use the connector with Quorum and Parity chains, or any other Ethereum-compatible chain.


You can find comprehensive guides to various deployment options, such as Docker containers, in the repository. Using only a few lines of configuration, you can swiftly add enterprise-grade security to your blockchain projects. Keeping up with the latest features, such as request throttling, is easy if you star and watch the repository. Accurate authentication and encryption are necessities in the rapidly expanding blockchain industry. You can concentrate on the essential features of your chain while the azure-blockchain-connector makes it simple to check those boxes.”

*Relevant Blog: Founders Hub: A Launchpad for Innovation - Microsoft Community Hub

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