Microsoft Copilot for Security Entra Plugin Overview

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What is Microsoft Entra?

Microsoft Entra is the product family name for all identity and network access solutions from Microsoft. It’s part of the Microsoft Security portfolio, which also includes Microsoft Purview for compliance, Microsoft Priva for privacy, Microsoft Defender for cyberthreat protection and cloud security, and Microsoft Sentinel for security information and event management (SIEM).

When Microsoft announced Microsoft Entra in May 2022, the Microsoft Entra product family consisted of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, and Microsoft Entra Verified ID. The current product family has expanded beyond identity and access management into new market categories such as security service edge. Microsoft Entra is the new unifying brand for this portfolio of products. To align with this change, Azure AD is now Microsoft Entra ID.

Plugin Key Features

In a world where 20% of security breaches happen as a result of weak or stolen credentials, identity and access management professionals aim to strengthen security and compliance without creating hurdles to business growth or user experience. Microsoft Copilot for Security in Entra is your ultimate secret weapon. It empowers you to investigate and fix identity risks, understand user access with smart AI, and handle tough tasks quickly. Copilot gathers info from Entra users, groups, sign-in logs, audit logs and more.

With Copilot, you can check sign-ins, respond to identity threats using risky user summarization, investigate incidents, and receive recommendations on how to remediate problems in simple language. It utilizes real-time learning to identify access gaps, create workflows, and resolve issues quickly. Additionally, it trains administrators of all levels to handle tough tasks like incident investigations and log analysis, saving time and resources.

  • Quick Response: Microsoft Entra Copilot for Security is now integrated into the Entra admin portal (Public Preview as an Embedded experience)
  • AI-Driven: Understand and act on identity threats swiftly with AI insights.
  • Efficient: Immediate risk comprehension and timely remediation steps.


Copilot Experiences



  • Explore diagnostics logs collection in Microsoft Entra.
    • View settings for diagnostic log collection and streaming of activity logs in Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Explore Microsoft Entra Audit Log details.
    • View changes to applications, groups, users, and licenses in Microsoft Entra.
  • Find group details in Microsoft Entra.
    • View Microsoft Entra ID group ownership and membership details.
  • Find Sign-in logs in Microsoft Entra.
    • View Microsoft Entra ID sign-in log details including policy evaluation results, and details on the location…
  • Find user details in Microsoft Entra
    • View contact information, authentication method registration, and account details for users in Microsoft…
  • GetEntraRiskyUserSummary (Public Preview)
    • Returns detailed summary of an Entra Users Risk.
  • Investigate Identity risk with Entra ID Protection (Public Preview)
    • View details of Microsoft Entra ID users with high, medium, or low risk of compromise.


Sample Prompts



Microsoft Copilot for Security’s embedded experience in Microsoft Entra Admin Center enables Copilot users (with at least a Security Reader role) to investigate risky users.


Future Updates

Sign-in Logs and Lifecycle Workflows: Copilot for Security will soon support prompts in Sign-in logs and Lifecycle Workflows creations within Microsoft Entra. This enhancement will further strengthen its' capabilities.


Additional resources


Learn more about Copilot for Security

To learn more about Microsoft Copilot for Security, visit or contact your Microsoft sales representative. If you missed us at Microsoft Secure, you may watch the replay video.

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