Trusted Signing is in Public Preview

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Trusted Signing has launched into Public Preview! The Trusted Signing service (formerly Azure Code Signing) is a Microsoft fully managed end-to-end signing solution for developers.  


What is the Trusted Signing service? 

Trusted Signing is a complete code signing service with an intuitive experience for developers and IT professionals, backed by a Microsoft managed certification authority. The service supports both public and private trust signing scenarios and includes a timestamping service. With Trusted Signing, users enjoy a productive, performant, and delightful experience on Windows with modern security protection features enabled such as Smart App Control and SmartScreen.  


The service offers several key features that make signing easy: 

  • We manage the full certificate lifecycle – generation, renewal, issuance – and key storage that is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs. The certificates are short lived certificates, which helps reduce the impact on your customers in abuse or misuse scenarios. 
  • We have integrated into popular developer toolsets such as SignTool.exe and GitHub and Visual Studio experiences for CI/CD pipelines enabling signing to easily integrate into application build workflows. For Private Trust, there is also PowerShell cmdlets for IT Pros to sign WDAC policy and future integrations with IT endpoint management solutions. 
  • Signing is digest signing, meaning it is fast and confidential – your files never leave your endpoint. 
  • We have support for different certificate profile types including Public Trust, Private Trust, and Test with more coming soon! 
  • Trusted Signing enables easy resource management and access control for all signing resources with Azure role-based access control as an Azure native resource. 


Figure 1: Creating a Trusted Signing AccountFigure 1: Creating a Trusted Signing Account


Trusted Signing Pricing  

We want to make this affordable for ISVs and developers in a way that allows the community of all demographics to be able to sign. While we have two pricing SKUs, basic and premium accounts, the initial Public Preview release is free until June 2024. The details of each SKU are outlined below: 


Model type 



Base price (monthly) 



Quota (signatures / month) 



Price after quota is reached 

$0.005 / signature 

$0.005 / signature 


  • Public and Private Signing 
  • 1 of each Certificate Profile type 
  • Public and Private Signing 
  • 10 of each Certificate Profile Type 


Try out Trusted Signing today by visiting the Azure portal.

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