Windy City Wisdom: Learnings from our Chicago Viva Glint Roundtable Event

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Aligning with the 2024 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology annual conference in Chicago, on April 18 the Viva Glint team brought together about 20 customers across a variety of industries for an in-person roundtable discussion. It was wonderful to be live with our customers, and a great time was had by all participants. 


“Sending a quick note to say thank you to the Microsoft team for the event at SIOP! It was great to see you, to get a peek of what is on the roadmap, and to make some great connections with other Glint customers. It was a fantastic event and well worth the time at our very busy SIOP event.” 


During the event, we gained feedback on the product roadmap, learned about customer experiences and needs, split into breakout discussion groups on specific hot topics, and finished with time for customers to network and share best practices with one another. 

A few highlights from the event that will impact the future direction of our product include: 


  1. Customers are excited about opportunities to more easily analyze data within the tool through cross-reporting and better multi-attribute filtering, reducing their reliance on Excel analysis and People Science support. 
  2. There is hunger for new aggregated views to offer insights on how managers are using Glint and how managers are utilizing emerging tools such as Viva Pulse and Copilot to ensure responsible usage. 
  3. Customers are very focused on action taking and would love to see more features to improve action identification and efficacy. There were ideas shared such as an open forum for leaders to share tips and tricks with one another and increased transparency of action plans to encourage accountability from everyone in the organization. 
  4. Many customers are focused on driving buy-in from their leadership teams and are accomplishing this through connecting results to key business outcomes. 

Overall, customers loved the event and are eager to attend more of these types of sessions in the future. If you are a Viva Glint customer and would like to participate in our product council, in-person or virtually, please register here.   

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