Imagine, Integrate, Innovate: Join Microsoft’s GenAI Hackathon – LIVE NOW!

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Imagine, Integrate, Innovate: Build with Azure AI to revolutionize multimodal experiences

Microsoft's Generative AI Hackathon LIVE April 1st - May 6th  


In the lead up to Microsoft Build, our flagship developer conference, we’re going big on multimodal building with our developer community by launching Microsoft's GenAI Hackathon on Devpost live now until May 6th! With Azure AI, you can blend the best of various AI technologies to create more dynamic, versatile, and responsible applications that make a big impact in the world. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, there’s something for you.  


Do you have an idea you're ready to jumpstart? Join Microsoft’s GenAI Hackathon today and create a multimodal app featuring your choice of images, video, voice, and text capabilities all while utilizing responsible AI principles and tools. With access to GitHub Copilot, Azure AI Studio, and $1000 Azure Credits (Official Rules apply), the possibilities are just beginning! 


Why Focus on Multimodal? 

Our mission at Microsoft is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We want to catalyze and support our community to build apps that aim to achieve this. Multimodal AI enables technology to understand and process different types of data, such as text, images, video, and voice and it's an important generative AI area. These types of apps can make interactions with machines more natural and intuitive, as well as open up new possibilities for innovation, and our community is buzzing with energy to build. Microsoft offers a leading platform for developers including Azure AI, GitHub Copilot, and other developer tools to create these multimodal apps.



Why Join?  

  • Team up with other developers and AI enthusiasts to build creative projects, expand your network, and make an impact.  
  • A chance to showcase your AI skills and learn from mentors, judges, and speakers who are experts in the field. 
  • An opportunity to win cash prizes, recognition, and feedback for your innovative ideas from experts and mentors. 
  • Opportunity to access and use the latest technologies like GitHub Copilot and Azure AI Studio. 


There's a total of $32,400 in prizes up for grabs. Here are some of the prizes:  

  • First Place: prizes include $8,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, Special recognition and travel to Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle, WA and more. 
  • Second Place: $4,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, Special recognition at Microsoft Build and more.
  • Third Place: $3,000 USD, $1,000 in Azure credits, featured in blog post, Meeting with Microsoft AI team and more.
  • Honorable Mentions and Best Use of US Code Extensions: Swag valued at $100 (1 team of up to 5 people).
  • Eligible Submitter Bonus Prize: Digital badge for the first 100 eligible submissions.

Who Can Participate? 

If you're of legal age and reside within the United States, you're eligible to join this hackathon. This competition is for anyone whether you are a developer, professional, student, or startup founder. For more information on rules check out this Official Rules page 



Build your multimodal app that features at least 2 or more modes from the categories of image, video/motion, voice/audio, or text using Azure AI. Leverage Microsoft’s Responsible AI tools and/or principles. As a bonus you can use Visual Studio Code Extensions 

Your submission should include: 

  • A URL to your working app and clear testing instructions for judges. 
  • A public GitHub repository with an open-source license (MIT, Apache 2.0, or 3-Clause BSD). 
  • A 3-minute video demonstrating your project's use of Azure AI while highlighting the impact.

Judges and Criteria 

We have a rockstar team of AI community judges excited to learn more about you and your ideas.  




Your projects will be judged by a panel of our qualified judges based on these criteria: 

  • Technological Implementation: Does the project demonstrate quality software development? Did the developers go above and beyond by using Azure AI features? 
  • Potential Impact: How big of an impact could the project have on the AI community? How big of an impact could it have beyond the target community? 
  • Quality of the Idea: How creative and unique is the project? Does the concept exist already? If so, how much does the project improve on it? 
  • Multimodal Functionality: Does the project make interesting use of the required multimodal functionality? How well do 2 or more multimodal features (image, video/motion, voice/audio, text) add value to the overall project? 
  • Bonus VS Code Extensions: Does the project use VS Code Extensions? How well do they add value to the overall project?  

Getting Started 

  • Register for the Hackathon on Devpost.
  • Join the Microsoft Azure AI Community discord by navigating to the gen-ai-hackathon channel on for help and to team up with other developers.  
  • Start skilling up on Azure AI and get access to tools and resources to build on our Getting Started page.
  • Submit your project by the deadline, May 6th at 11:45 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Access to Azure credits will be via an application to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub available to the first 500 teams that sign up. Azure OpenAI Service requires a form submission per team and approval. More information on full terms and conditions and how to request access is on our Devpost hackathon website.
  • For more information on rules, prizes, learning resources, and project tips please visit our Devpost hackathon website at 


Don't miss this incredible opportunity to make a difference and showcase your skills!




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