Copilot in Viva Engage is now generally available

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Copilot in Viva Engage is activating worldwide for Viva Engage users who have a premium license. The feature will be on by default or in alignment with feature access management settings.

Please note: The Copilot in Viva Engage experience is purpose-built to assist with post recommendations and post creation. Copilot in Viva Engage does not yet support search across Viva Engage.

Copilot helps you get more out of Viva Engage

If you are an individual team member, corporate communicator, or organizational leader, Copilot in Viva Engage can help you engage with others at work in ways that create value for you and your organization.

Communicating your accomplishments, objectives, discoveries, questions, interests, and updates can help you achieve your goals, shape culture, and drive action. That’s what Viva Engage is all about, and now Copilot helps you get more out of Viva Engage by suggesting where to engage and assisting you with writing your communications.

You can access Copilot in Viva Engage when creating a post on the home feed, in a community, in a campaign, or on your storyline. Copilot is also available for articles on Viva Engage.


Engage Copilot on Home Feed with Conversation Starters.png
Engage Copilot on Home Feed


Engage Copilot on Home Feed with Conversation Starters - Expanded.png
Engage Copilot on Home Feed with Conversation Starters

Copilot helps you discover opportunities to engage

Copilot makes personalized suggestions about where to engage based on your activity and what is trending in your organization’s network. These suggestions, or Conversation Starters, bring together information from across Viva Engage to help you:

• Have an active voice in the Viva Engage communities that matter to you. With each community suggestion, Copilot provides a summary of the community’s purpose and recent trending posts to inspire how you might like to join the conversation.

• Participate in Viva Engage campaigns. Copilot suggests campaigns sponsored by your leaders and/or aligned with your interests. It also summarizes the campaign’s purpose and recent posts to help you contribute to these shared initiatives.

• Post on Storyline in ways that improve culture and productivity for yourself and others. Copilot includes a library of research-backed post suggestions that encourage best practices like recognizing one’s teammates, sharing your knowledge or learning goals, and communicating your plans for the future.

While Copilot in Viva Engage cannot yet answer questions about Viva Engage data – this is planned for the future – Conversation Starters can currently provide context to help you create posts based on your own Engage network activity. When you choose a suggested Conversation Starter, it will serve as the basis of your collaboration with Copilot. This gives Copilot additional information about your task at hand. For example, when you choose a community conversation starter, Copilot will help you brainstorm ideas for your post based on recent themes of conversations that are happening. If you choose a campaign starter, Copilot will help you start drafting a post based on the campaign goal and ways others are participating in the campaign.

You can also choose to collaborate with Copilot without selecting a Conversation Starter. In this case, Copilot in Viva Engage will assist you to create a great post for Viva Engage in general. You can always provide Copilot with more information about what you’re trying to achieve, and in fact, that is encouraged!


Copilot Writing Assistant Zero Prompt.png
Copilot Writing Assistant with suggested prompts


Copilot Writing Assistant Zero Prompt for a Campaign Convo Starter (1).png
Copilot Writing Assistant suggested prompts for a Campaign Conversation Starter


Use Copilot to help you write communications

Once you have an idea of what you’d like to post about, you can leverage Copilot to craft your post –tapping into the power and flexibility of Large Language Models (LLMs) with Microsoft Responsible AI protections.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or working from a draft, Copilot in Viva Engage can help you write, edit, get feedback on your post, and more. For users who are new to AI collaboration, suggested prompts provide examples of how to get the ball rolling with Copilot. These suggestions guide you to collaborate with Copilot in ways that are particularly useful to the task at hand –writing a post that is engaging and expresses what you've got to say.
Examples of Copilot’s suggested prompts:

• Brainstorm ideas for a post about...
• Give me a post template about...
• Rewrite my draft to be more concise.
• Make my draft more engaging.
• Read my draft and predict questions readers might have.
• Suggest how to increase authenticity.
• And more, including your own custom prompts!


Copilot Writing Assistant with Sparkle Menu highlighted, open to top level menu options (1).png
Copilot Writing Assistant with Sparkle Menu open

Of course, you can go beyond these suggestions and get creative with how you ask Copilot for assistance by submitting your unique prompts. For example, if you need a key piece of information to be memorable and you’d like to have a little fun, you might ask Copilot to turn your writing into a poem. As you collaborate, Copilot will provide proactive coaching nudges to help you maintain the authenticity of your communication and express your unique personality, perspective, knowledge, and insight.


Copilot Writing Assistant with Authenticity Coach (1).png
Copilot Writing Assistant with Authenticity Coach

You might create a Viva Engage post to share effective ways to work with Copilot. If you are a corporate communicator on Viva Engage, you might like to start a Viva Engage campaign so team members can add a hashtag to these posts, enabling people across the organization to explore and learn best practices together. You can take this even further with the new Copilot adoption capabilities announced earlier this month.

How can I access Copilot in Viva Engage and provide feedback?

Who will get this feature? Copilot in Viva Engage is rolling out to all premium Viva Engage customers, Viva Suite and Employee Communications and Communities (C&C) customers.

Feature access management: Admins can set policies to control the availability of Copilot in Viva Engage using Viva Feature Access Management. Learn more here.


Getting started with Copilot in Engage: If Copilot in Engage is already activated, users can learn more about getting started and sharing feedback here.

Language support: Full support for English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese Simplified, and all other languages supported in Viva Engage.

How to share feedback: As you use Copilot in Viva Engage, you will see opportunities to provide feedback to the Copilot team. You can click the thumbs up or thumbs down icons in the feature to open the feedback form. This feedback goes directly to the Copilot team and is reviewed regularly so the team can understand what is working and what can be improved.


Copilot chat with OCV entry points highlighted.png
Copilot chat with feedback entry points highlighted

Copilot in Viva: You can also see Copilot in Engage in action alongside Copilots across the Viva Suite at our recent Microsoft Ignite event.

We’ve got a lot more planned for Copilot and Viva this year, so keep an eye on our blog for upcoming news and updates.

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