New to DMC partners: Latest campaigns available​

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All 2024 campaigns are now available in 11 languages. Share with your marketing team and drive demand with Modern Work, Azure Infrastructure, Business Applications, Data and AI, and Security marketing campaigns. 

Operating with an agile marketing team but want to scale demand generation efforts? Leverage DMC as an always on marketing tool that provides an automated, curated way to capture and nurture new leads. With the recently enhanced Digital Content Marketing OnDemand platform you can create a consistent stream of content, aligned to the solutions your customers want to buy. Find industry tailored content to help you reach customers in fast-growing industries like retail, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and sustainability. 

Why should partners care or act now?

  • All of our FY24 solution area campaigns are now available, tailored to help drive demand in fast-growing industries and for SMB or Enterprise audiences.​

  • Digital Content OnDemand platform has the features you need to quickly and easily drive demand.​

  • Reach potential customers through your social media channels, automatically nurture leads through email, and engage on the web through web banners, your own microsite, and integration with your website.​

  • Easier to find and manage the campaign you’re looking for, see performance, and connect to your accounts. ​

  • Detailed reporting to keep track of your performance with clear and actionable guidance to optimize your use of DMC.


Check out all of our 2024 campaigns, now available:

  • Solution areas (Azure Infrastructure, Modern Work, Business Applications, Data & AI, Security, Digital & App Innovation).

  • Localized in 11 languages​.

  • Tailored for fast-growing industries like financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, sustainability, education and more.

  • From SMB to Enterprise

Use the enhanced Digital Marketing Content OnDemand platform:

  • Looking for an automated way to provide prospects with fresh weekly campaigns automatically? Want to reach new leads through social media and nurture through email? 

  • With the free for partners DMC platform, you can automatically cobrand content for your social media channels, email potential customers, and add content to your blog. 

  • Learn about the latest features, based on partner feedback.

  • Everything your sales & marketing team need.

  • Get the guidance you need to get started with DMC. 

Sign up for DMC today!  

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