New REST API and Bing Ads SDK May 2024 Release (V13.0.20)

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We are excited to release Bing Ads SDK 13.0.20 for Java and .NET, which includes performance improvements such as lower service call latency and reduced network traffic. This allows you to make service calls faster and at a lower cost.


Improvement from previous SDK version


For example, when we run the following test to query ad groups by campaign Id for 1000 ad groups, the previous SDK version has an average call duration of 284 ms: 




When running the same code with the new SDK version 13.0.20, the average call duration is reduced to 6ms. This is a 75% improvement from the previous version.



#       Duration (ms) 

0       425

1       326

2       304

3       262 

4       264 

5       253 

6       270 

7       257 

8       245 

9       240 

Avg.     284 ms


#       Duration (ms) 

0       79

1       73

2       66

3       62 

4       63 

5       70 

6       65 

7       69 

8       61 

9       64 

Avg.     67 ms


Reduced response size


We have also reduced the response size. For the example above, it is reduced from 784 KB to 8.4 KB, which is a 99% improvement. 


You can expect similar improvements for other API method calls as well, especially ones that operate on many entities or return large amounts of data. 




These improvements are made possible by internally switching the SDK from the existing XML-based SOAP API to a new JSON-based REST API. This SDK release switches Campaign Management, Bulk, and Reporting services to the new API, and other services will be switched in future releases. 


Upgrading to the new SDK


Given the significant internal changes we had to make to achieve these improvements, we recommend that you test and monitor your application when upgrading to this version to make sure your application is compatible with the implementation changes and dependencies introduced in this release. 


We have also provided an easy way to switch Bing Ads SDK back to the old implementation in case any issues arise when using the new implementation. For more details on that and other information regarding the upgrade process, please see: 


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