What’s new in Viva Insights – April 2024

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New Admin center page for admins

We've launched a new Admin center page for Viva Insights admins. The new Admin center will show admins key metrics of product success, such as deployment and usage, and suggested actions to improve user adoption, enablement, and data quality. 


The Admin center is available to all users who are assigned the Viva Insights Admin role, and can be accessed within the Advanced insights app. 


With this update, admins gain a new “central hub” where they can view and manage key aspects of the product. For customers focused on deployment, for instance, the Admin center will show recommended deployment tasks. Or, for customers focused on adoption, they will have a view of enabled users and their levels of activity. Future versions of the Admin center will include data around the leader experience.  


admin center 01.png


Key features: 

  1. Deployment task reminders. Admins will see a list of deployment activities and can kick off a task directly from the Admin center by selecting the respective action button. And, every four weeks, admins will be notified to refresh their organizational data to keep it fresh.
  2. Track key deployment and enablement metrics. Keep track of current licenses and assigned managers. 
  3. Monitor product success by analyzing usage, data quality, and population metrics. 


Group-based role assignment for managers  

We’ve launched a new capability to simplify how to manage access to the Manager experience in Viva Insights. Now, Admins can use group-based role assignment to manage access to the Manager experience. This simplifies the role assignment process and allows customers to have more control over how they roll out the experience, increasing the enablement of the Managers. 


Viva Insights Admins can access this experience through the Advanced insights portal. 


Group-based role management allows Admins to assign the Manager role to an entire group through Microsoft Entra ID. Viva Insights ensures that the roles are assigned to all members of the group. Any new members who join the group are assigned the role automatically. When they leave the group, the role is removed. This role management process eliminates the need to manually upload a .csv file to grant or remove access to the manager role.  



Attribute clones GA launch 

Attribute clones allow analysts to duplicate their admin-uploaded attributes and customize the clone by modifying specific attribute values. This feature lets analysts update how they define their employee groups, ensuring their attribute data reflects the state of their business and complements their specific analyses.


This feature will begin rolling out to all customers during the first week of May. 


Here are just a few example scenarios for this feature: 

  • Rename an attribute value 
  • Combine multiple attribute values into a singular value. 
  • Update the value of an attribute based on the value of some other attribute. 

To get started cloning an attribute: 

  1. Go to the Data Quality tab in the left-hand navigation panel of the advanced insights app. 
  2. Or, you can access the feature using the attribute selection panel when creating a person or meeting query. 
  3. Select the vertical ellipses next to an existing attribute and select Clone Attribute. 


Delegate access 

With this new feature, managers can “delegate” access to their organization insights to other people within the company. By doing so, other people at the company such as the chief of staff or one of the manager’s direct reports would have the same access as the manager does to organization insights.  


With this feature, the chosen delegate(s) is empowered to view the data and operationalize business decisions based on the data and insights, on the manager’s behalf. 


Delegates can view organization insights, but they can’t see the manager’s personal insights. 


Learn more about delegate access and how to set it up. 




New analyst homepage  

We’re excited to launch the new advanced insights homepage for analysts. This makes the homepage more modern, actionable, and intuitive to navigate with the following features: 


Task card 
A Get started section prompts new users to create their first analysis or view the available analysis results. Pick up where you left off lets repeat users download the results of their query and also turn on auto-refresh.


homepage 01.png


Data freshness card 
A Review data freshness card shows key information about the measured population, the last organization data upload date, and the latest date for collaboration data. This keeps the user aware about the quality of data before running the analysis. 


homepage 02.png



Discover card 
The Discover advanced insights card helps analysts discover new features and helps new users access onboarding content. 


homepage 03.png


Template ordering and grouping 
New usage and novelty-based ordering and categorization cards help users determine the template that best suits their needs.  


homepage 04.png

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