Monthly news – May 2024

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Monthly news

May 2024 Edition


This is our monthly "What's new" blog post, summarizing product updates and various new assets we released over the past month. In this edition, we are looking at all the goodness from April 2024.

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 Microsoft Defender for Cloud

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We’ve released a new default experience for MDC in the Azure portal! Now, recommendations are sorted by risk to help prioritize the more critical security risks against the medium and low ones. Click here to read more?
Product improvements.png Announcing General Availability for Defender for Containers in AWS and GCP!
Defender for Containers’ runtime threat detection and agentless discovery features now cover AWS and GCP. With that, new container vulnerability assessments (public preview) are available for Azure, AWS and GCP, specifically reporting on container images for registry and container workloads for runtime.  Learn more about Defender for Containers support matrix here
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In April, our team published the following blog posts we would like to share:

Introducing our CNAPP mastery e-book!

Operationalizing Attack Path Insight

eBPF-Powered Threat Protection using Inspektor Gadget

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Adds Full Coverage for Azure Open-Source Relational Databases

How to better manage cost of API calls Defender for Cloud makes to AWS

Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Defender for Cloud - Unique Capabilities for Robust Protection



Defender for Cloud CxE team has worked on updating the MDC Lab on GitHub! Now, updated with Data aware security posture module, check out the Defender for Cloud Lab now!

Blogs on MS.png Discover how other organizations successfully use Microsoft Defender for Cloud to protect their cloud workloads. This month we are featuring Newington College – an educational institute in Australia – that uses Microsoft security solutions, including Defender for Cloud, to secure their environment.
Product videos.png Watch new episodes of the Defender for Cloud in the Field show to learn about the vulnerability management and navigating the Microsoft CNAPP solution. 
webcast recordings.png Join our experts in the upcoming webinars to learn what we are doing to secure your workloads running in Azure and other clouds.


We greatly value your input on the types of content that enhance your understanding of our security products. Your insights are crucial in guiding the development of our future public content. We aim to deliver material that not only educates but also resonates with your daily security challenges. Whether it’s through in-depth live webinars, real-world case studies, comprehensive best practice guides through blogs, or the latest product updates, we want to ensure our content meets your needs. Please submit your feedback on which of these formats do you find most beneficial, and are there any specific topics you’re interested in



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