Inspiring ways video can elevate your small business

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Digital audiences are fluid and ever-changing, which means that your content needs to adapt to capture their interests and needs. Using video to communicate messaging and content from your small business is an innovative way to capture attention and drive engagement. No matter if you are a legacy business, a team wanting to make internal learning content, a startup looking to scale, or a newly launched brand looking to make it big on social media, video is a powerful force to communicate with your team and growing audience. 

This helpful list will highlight a variety of video use cases where video and Microsoft Clipchamp can assist with boosting your online visibility and effectively connect with your audience. 
Five video types that can propel your small business forward 
1. Social Media Videos: Boost engagement and visibility 

Social media can be a primary channel for small businesses to engage with a diverse audience. Creative and engaging social media videos allow your brand to resonate with customers and in turn increase engagement. Being present on social media whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or other platforms, boosts your visibility and helps tell your story. A brand that customers can recognize is important for driving traffic and conversion and most importantly creates brand loyalty.  
2. Promo Videos: Create hype and emotional connections 

People love it when they are the first to know about something. Whether it’s the latest deal on a product or an announcement coming soon, promotional videos build hype for your business and a sense of exclusivity. As a result, this creates memorable moments for your brand that customers won’t forget. Promo videos allow your brand to have an emotional connection with your audience and these types of campaigns tend to go viral. For your next sale or announcement, consider the value of promo videos to elevate your brand narrative and start creating today with Clipchamp 


3. Product Demo Videos: Educate and clarify

Product demos are simple yet effective ways to educate your audience about a new feature or service. As a business, you cater to both old and new customers and it’s always safe to assume that your audience doesn’t know the latest developments in your business. A great product demo video allows your audience to know more about your business’ specific offerings and explains why the product is valuable to them. Furthermore, it avoids any confusion your customers may have when going through the customer buying experience. Product demo videos illustrate the depth of your product and provide a relatable story for your customers. 


4. How-To Videos: Simplify processes and aid learning 

Product demos and how-to videos are similar. However, how-to videos provide more specific guidance on how a product or service is used. How-to videos can also help your internal team. How-to videos break down what may seem complicated processes into digestible steps that members of your small business can follow. Onboarding, training, and tutorials around customer service will prepare your employees for the next problem they may face. And the great part about these visual step-by-step guides is that customers and employees can always refer to them whenever they need a refresher on a process. Whether it’s an external ecommerce process a user must go through or an internal guide on privacy, how-to videos are a great way to get your message across. Take the first step in creating How-to videos today with Clipchamp. 

5. Business Culture Videos: Build trust and attract talent 

Business culture videos are important for future talent looking to join your team or for a conscious-led audience looking to buy from businesses that share the same value as they do. These value-based videos highlight the integrity of your business, creating trust with both employees and customers. A business that is transparent and trustworthy not only attracts new people but also retains employees because of a shared sense of purpose and belonging. A small business that has highly engaged employees is a small business that strengthens brand love. 


Unlock your business’s potential with Clipchamp 


There are so many exciting ways you can share your message through video so use this as inspiration for your next project! We hope that we’ve provided you with inspiration for your next project. Start using Clipchamp and explore in more detail here about how to get started editing videos using Clipchamp. 


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