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ZoomIn3D GenAI-Enabled Voice-Controlled 3D User Interface

Cleverdist have developed a system that allows users to monitor and control infrastructure through connecting to camera streams, creating triggers, and using computer vision. The system integrates artificial intelligence for operational use.


Founders Hub Benefits

What level are they? Graduated from the program.

What benefits have they been using?
prototyping fast and with scale using Azure
Cleverdist is a startup that has already graduated from the Founders' Hub program but were able to take advantage of the benefits. They utilized essential resources like GPUs and AI tools to power their product.

Product Demo



Cleverdist has robust capabilities, including the use of multiple microphones and the integration of multimodality to interact with AI models. These features allow users to execute tasks such as repositioning cameras through natural language commands, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The ability to craft triggers from control system inputs, schedules, and computer vision has enabled actions such as alarm activation and report generation, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.

Connect with Robert Gomez-Reino, CEO at Cleverdist

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