Consolidated Recommendation API Phase 1

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We are pleased to announce the release of Phase 1 of our new Consolidated Recommendation API.  


The Consolidated Recommendation API introduces a unified interface structure that enables developers to retrieve, apply, or dismiss recommendations in a unified pattern. Instead of requiring individual API calls for each new recommendation, this pipeline will surface any current and new recommendations with a single implementation.  


This release supports budget, keyword, and responsive search ads recommendations.  Get recommendations with a single service operation RetrieveRecommendations, and apply them with ApplyRecommendations. 


Key Features  


  • No need to code each recommendation separately.  
  • Work with current and new recommendations in a single implementation. 
  • Reduce developer effort. 
  • Easier integration of systems with Microsoft Advertising recommendations. 


New API Interfaces  


Ad Insight API

ApplyRecommendationEntityApplyRecommendations, BudgetPointTypeCampaignBudgetRecommendationDismissRecommendationEntityDismissRecommendationsKeywordRecommendationRecommendationBaseRecommendationTypeResponsiveSearchAdRecommendationRetrieveRecommendations.


Learn more about the Micrsoft Advertising Ad Insight API service operations. 

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