Unlock Your Python Potential with Azure

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At Microsoft, we know Python is a developer's best friend, so in this blog we’re going to not only review what makes it such a versatile tool for coders, but also explore the treasure trove of learning paths and other resources we’ve created to help you conquer it.


Sink your teeth into a Python skilling journey

Snakes may not be welcome guests at a picnic, but they are indispensable to a well-rounded ecosystem. Known for its readability and clear syntax, Python is similarly crucial to the coding world, and it remains as popular as ever with developers and data scientists alike. Python's importance for development on Azure stems from its unique combination of features that enhance developer productivity and lead to successful outcomes across various scenarios. Here's a breakdown:


Developer Productivity

  • Readability and conciseness: Snakes are deceptively powerful creatures, utilizing their sleek, flexible bodies for efficient movement and constriction. Similarly, Python's clean syntax and readability allow programmers to achieve complex tasks with fewer lines of code.
  • Efficiency: Snakes strike with lightning speed and precision, coiling for an efficient attack. Python's efficiency is exemplified in its seamless integration with Azure and Visual Studio Code, enabling a comprehensive DevOps lifecycle for Python applications, including hosting on GitHub, utilizing GitHub Actions for CI/CD, and effortless deployment to Azure services like App Service, Functions, and Kubernetes.
  • Extensive libraries and frameworks: Did you know there are over 4,000 snake species? Python boasts similar variety, with libraries like NumPy for data analysis, TensorFlow for machine learning, and Django for web development. These pre-built solutions for common tasks help accelerate development and minimize custom code creation.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Snakes are remarkably versatile creatures, able to adapt to diverse environments. The same is true of Python code, which runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS, allowing developers to choose their preferred environment and deploy applications consistently across different platforms.


Scenario-based Outcomes

  • Web development: Leverage Python's prowess for web development by utilizing Azure's managed application platform, designed to accelerate the creation of superior web applications and seamlessly connect them to data through Azure services supporting both relational and non-relational databases.
  • Data science and machine learning: Unleash the full potential of Python in AI and machine learning through Azure's comprehensive platform, allowing swift model development, training, hosting, and deployment directly from any Python environment. Using Python with Azure Cognitive Services opens doors to adding AI capabilities like speech recognition or image analysis to applications, expanding functionality and user experience.
  • API development: Azure Functions paired with Python allows developers to quickly build and deploy serverless APIs, integrating seamlessly with other Azure services.


Explore self-learning resources and videos 

Whether you’re new to the language or an experienced coder looking to learn some new tricks, Azure’s got your back with self-guided learning modules, videos, and challenges to boost your skills. And the best part? Most of these resources are free! So, there's no excuse not to start upskilling your Python game today.


Training & Learning Modules 

  • Python for beginners: Get started with Python and learn how to create programs and projects in Python, work with strings, lists, loops, dictionaries, and functions in this 4-hour, 39-minute learning path. 
  • Build real world applications with Python: Discover how to build apps in Python by learning language syntax and patterns for how to structure your app in this 2-hour, 38-minute learning path.  
  • Create computer vision solutions with Azure AI Vision: Learn how to leverage Azure AI Vision to produce common computer vision scenarios in this 4-hour learning path. 
  • Introduction to Python: Learn how to write a few lines of Python code, declare variables, and work with console input and output in this 8-part, 16-minute module.  
  • Using GitHub Copilot with Python: Learn how to use Python along with GitHub Copilot, an AI pair programmer that offers autocomplete-style suggestions as you code in this 7-part, 22-minute module. 
  • Count the number of moon rocks by type using Python: Use Python to make a simple program to count the number of space rocks in each category by viewing this 8-part, 32-minute module.  


Featured Video Series  

  • Azure Enablement Show: Get technical advice, tips, and best practices to accelerate your cloud journey, build well-architected cloud apps, and optimize your solutions in Azure in this on-going series of videos.  
  • Python for Beginners: This 44-part series provides a foundation on programming in Python, starting with common everyday code and scenarios and progressing to more advanced topics like calling an API, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and managing keys.   
  • Azure Developer Python Day 2023: Discover the latest services and features in Azure designed specifically for Python developers. Watch this 12-part series to learn cutting-edge cloud development techniques that can save you time and money, while providing your customers with the best possible experiences. 


Start Unlocking your Python potential today with Azure 

Python's simplicity, versatility, and extensive community support make it a valuable asset for developers worldwide. As the programming landscape continues to evolve, Python remains a constant, adapting to new challenges and emerging as a language of choice for innovative projects. Whether you're a novice or an experienced coder, join us at PyCon (May 15 - May 23) to celebrate Python and explore the vast potential of the language in a journey that promises to enhance your development skills and open doors to a world of possibilities.

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