What’s new in Windows Holographic, version 24H1

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We are pleased to share that we have released Windows Holographic version 24H1!  In this article, we'll cover the highlights of this release.  If you are interested in full details, please check out our official release notes.


We take feedback from our customers and partners seriously and strive to add new features and functionality that address top pain points shared by all of you. For many users, the HoloLens 2 is a tool to enable them to get their tasks done more quickly and safely, due to our unique heads-up, hands-free form factor. Users want to put the device on and get right into the task at hand, including collaboration with others in real-time.  We also understand that HoloLens 2 is unique in that more than one user may use a single HoloLens 2 device throughout the day, but that these users still need access to corporate resources.  To address this unique set of requirements, we've provided the ability to create a shared account with Microsoft Entra ID credentials.  After deployment of the Shared Microsoft Entra ID account, users will need only to click a single sign-in button to login to the device.  The shared account enables workers to start their tasks quickly.


For IT Admins, we've added some new policies to more easily manage:


  • Whether a user is prompted for credentials when returning to the device when it is in a suspended state.
  • Whether device maintenance may occur when the device is in standby, such as app or OS updates, and when the maintenance should commence after entering standby.

Read on to learn about other feature highlights.  As always, this update includes security updates and other minor bug fixes and improvements.


Feature Highlights:

Shared Microsoft Entra accounts -- Using a shared Microsoft Entra account on your HoloLens results in the quickest login experience, since it does not require any credentials. This setup is ideal for scenarios where multiple people share the same set of HoloLens devices, access to Microsoft Entra resources, such as Dynamics 365 Guides content, is required, and tracking who has used the device isn't required.


Policy to enable auto unlock -- Policy to control whether a user is prompted for credentials when returning to the device in suspended state. When enabled, this policy allows a signed-in user to resume using the device without having to enter credentials.


Collect and view network connectivity report -- Network connectivity report is added to Offline Diagnostics to help users investigate network connectivity issues on HoloLens 2 devices. After user triggers Offline Diagnostics, device IP addresses, Wi-Fi information, proxy settings and device’s connectivity to known cloud service endpoints are collected.


Enforce time sync during OOBE -- During OOBE, the HoloLens device attempts to sync the device time with the time server after the device has connected to Wi-Fi.


Improve Intune app update experience -- The Intune LOB App update does not enforce App shutdown if the App is still running on the device. Instead, the new version of the LOB App is installed and replaces the old App, once the old App is fully exited via user action, sign out or device reboot.


Update to eye tracking calibration -- The option to perform eye tracking calibration is shown on the device even if it has been deployed via Autopilot. Customers still have the option to disable this behavior via the existing policy. Any user on the device can still choose to run eye calibration at any time to improve their experience.


Policies to set device standby action -- Policies allow the admin to execute supported actions in modern standby.


If you find yourself in need of a quick list of new policies being added for Windows Holographic, version 24H1, check out the IT Admin Checklist.


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