A guide to Viva Connections 1st party dashboard cards

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Viva Connections serves as a gateway to a modern employee experience, and dashboard cards are the building blocks of this experience. From streamlining tasks to enhancing communication, dashboard cards bring in actionable tasks and information from virtually anywhere into a single dynamic app for employees. Here’s a full list of first party dashboard cards released by Microsoft to help you boost productivity and foster a more connected and efficient work environment. If you’re new to dashboard cards or Viva Connections, we recommend you start with this overview before checking out the rest of this blog.

News card

Add the News card to the Viva Connections Dashboard to promote news from a variety of sources that you wish to prominently display, including boosted news from SharePoint. And it works with boosted news posts. If you choose any news posts that have already been boosted, they will display in the News card for the duration of the boost period.






People card

The People Search card will automatically retrieve contact information from members of your organization using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory). Users can access the People Search card to look up contact information and can jump into chat, email, or a call with the contact directly from the card view.




Events card

Surface any events from the organization on to the Viva Connections dashboard to spread awareness and increase the number of relevant audiences in the event.




Praise card

Site owners/authors of Viva Connections can add the Praise card from Microsoft Viva Insights on the dashboard, allowing employees to send praise to their colleagues. The Praise card shows the same experience as the one available within Microsoft Viva Insights today.




Learning card

The Learning card in Viva Connections serves as a convenient entryway for employees to access their assigned learning resources and training materials. It encourages continuous learning and skill development by providing personalized training content and integrating seamlessly with Viva Learning— it can even show upcoming learning deadlines.




Pulse card

The Viva Pulse card in Viva Connections allows you to create Pulse survey(s) via the dashboard, giving employees a quick and targeted way to share feedback and participate in workplace surveys. Once the survey is complete, the owner can view the response rate right on the card.

• Availability – Coming CY24Q2





Approvals card

The Approvals card allows you to create new approvals, view incoming requests, streamline requests, and access a history of previous approvals—all conveniently in one place. You can select the card type (small, medium, or large) and even target it to specific audiences by adding users or groups in the property pane.




Shifts Card

The Shifts card shows users information about their next or current shift from the Shifts app in Teams. Built with hourly and frontline workers in mind, it allows employees to clock in and clock out and track break time directly from their employee app. Note: this requires Time clock to be enabled in Teams.




Assigned Tasks Card

The Assigned Tasks card automatically displays information to users about their assigned tasks to. This information is retrieved from the Tasks app in Teams and enables users to quickly take action and accomplish tasks right from their dashboard.




Teams App card

With the Teams app card, you can create a card for an existing Teams app to drive traffic and create easy access for users. There are a variety of built-in Teams apps and integrations available to choose from.




Web link Card

Add a web link card to integrate any external websites seamlessly into your dashboard. It’s designed to provide quick access to important web resources, ensuring that relevant information is just a click away. The web link card can point to any internal or external URL, and can be a quick way to drive traffic without building or customizing a card.




Card Designer

You can choose the Card designer option to design your own card that includes a quick view, without needing to write code. The new updated card designer allows for advanced dynamic content capability including data pulls from MSGraph and SharePoint APIs.

To design your own cards, you should be familiar with JSON and Adaptive Card templates. There are also templates available to help you get started. For more information, see Adaptive Cards Templating.




Get the most out of your Viva connections dashboard

The Viva Connections dashboard cards are more than just features; they represent a shift towards a more integrated and intuitive work environment where employees can access all of the tools, info, and tasks they need to accomplish their job – all from a personalized in employee app that can be targeted and edited for different employee needs and jobs. The power of Viva Connections lies in its flexibility and user-centric design, so take the time to explore and experiment with these cards to discover the full potential of your dashboard.

Learn more about how to get started with Viva Connections with this quick video and learn more about designing your own cards with Adaptive Cards Templating.

Stay tuned as Microsoft and partners continue to build and release new cards. We’ll be sharing a follow up to this blog that highlights 3rd party and industry cards soon.

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