Copilot are we besties?

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Copilot are we besties?



Of course! When you design eLearning modules, it is very important to create clear learning objectives. These objectives are the core of your course’s goal, explaining what you expect learners to accomplish after finishing it.


Copilot has been very helpful for me in this process. I’m not sure about you, but I sometimes have trouble with creating objectives for my courses. I used Copilot to review my objectives and to see how well I explained what the learners should learn.




I prefer PowerPoint for Storyboarding content, as it works well with System Matter Experts. But I recently found Microsoft Copilot with Graph-grounded chat, formerly Microsoft 365 Chat. It helps me make storyboards for eLearning modules, presentations, or other content.

I am gradually switching from PowerPoint to Graph-grounded chat. PowerPoint has a Copilot feature that is very useful, so I don't have to hurry, but it's nice to see how Copilot is really assisting us eLearning developers.



Copilot with teams is one of the best Copilot features that has assisted me in eLearning content. You can give Copilot some useful information after a Teams meeting, like meeting notes, recorded transcripts, or key discussion points. I have used this information to help make realistic and relevant eLearning content.


I have also used the information from Teams meeting as a guide for SMEs to provide content information. I used to have difficulty with making outlines for our SMEs to follow based on previous meetings, but not anymore. My new best friend Copilot is there for me and assists when I need it.




That’s all folks! I hope this blog was enjoyable. Copilot has changed my life. It is like having a friend for eLearning and instructional design. The goal is to work smarter not harder, and Copilot is the perfect tool to help.








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